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Dennis Kucinich, Congressman for 16 years, two times Presidential Candidate

Married to Elisabeth Kucinich, Food and Palestine advocate (UNRWA)




@Dennis_Kucinich and wife @EJKucinich speaking in #Iowa about national security, GMOs and organic farming @FoxNews






How Dennis Kucinich is exploring the way Americans look at national security (Oct 13, 2014)

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Dennis and Elisabeth Kucinich on the Israel-Palestine Crisis


On 2015-03-02 Dennis Kucinich tweets:


I'll be attending the #NetanyahuSpeech tomorrow. I'm sure he'll be pleased to know of your work, @EJKucinich @unrwausa.


On the same day Elisabeth Kucinich tweets:


Arrived in #Gaza today with @unrwausa. Witnessing the ongoing suffering, 7 months after the last attack.




On the next day Elisabeth Kucinich tweets:


The hope that is #Gaza. Young, clear, bright. Meet Hind who wants to lead the world to #peace…







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