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Green Manufacturing


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26 Jun 2015

US clean energy #manufacturing is booming. Join our July summit to learn how it can grow more:


Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative

"The Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative (CEMI) is an effort across the U.S. Department of Energy to strengthen U.S. clean energy manufacturing competitiveness. The objectives of the initiative are to increase U.S. competitiveness in manufacturing clean energy technologies and increase U.S. manufacturing competitiveness across the board by boosting energy productivity and leveraging low-cost domestic energy resources and feedstocks."



Southeast Regional Summit to Convene High-Profile Clean Energy Manufacturing Leaders on

July 9


"Connecting the U.S. southeast innovation ecosystem to Energy Department programs and resources, and helping shape the Department’s strategy to boost U.S. competitiveness in clean energy manufacturing."


"Take a region like the southeast United States: clean energy manufacturing industries have grown, along with the high quality jobs and stronger local economies that come with them. According to one study, in 2012, the Southeast led the country in manufacturing-related clean energy job announcements with more than 13,700, about 80% of the nation's total."


Report from Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2)


"E2 includes light rail projects in its clean energy jobs reports because such projects displace the need for

automobiles and other modes of transportation that are less energy efficient. Commuters who take advantage of public transit often save considerable time and money and enjoy a safer mode of transportation than single occupancy automobiles."







UN Geneva ‏@UNGeneva  2015-06-2814 hours ago

Taking action this year to ensure renewable energy for all is crucial.  #Action2015



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