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Article Link The New York Times, 2015-05-25, By PATRICIA COHEN


“Roughly one in five African-American adults works for the government, teaching school, delivering mail, driving buses, processing criminal justice and managing large staffs.”


“Working for the government has long been viewed by African-Americans as a relatively open pathway to the middle class, but the decline in state, local and federal employment in recent years has contributed to the struggles of black communities.”


"MIAMI — For the Ingram clan, working for the Miami-Dade County transit system has led to regular paychecks, a steady advance up the economic ladder and even romance.

By driving buses in Miami’s sun-scraped communities, Richard Ingram and his wife, Susie, were able to join the ranks of the black middle class, moving with their four sons from a rental in the down-and-out neighborhood of Overtown eventually into their own house in central Miami.


Two of their children later followed them to the county bus depot. The eldest son, also named Richard, met his future wife there when she was assigned to the same route as his father."




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Interview of Charlie Rose with Joe Nye, political scientist, professor at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government    Air date: 2015-05-27


[approx. 10:30] “In the 1950 you could get a high school degree, get a wrench and have a middle class income working for General Motors. Today, you graduate from high school, the wrench is no longer there, there is a numerically controlled machine tool and unless you have a community college degree and can work that tool you will not going to have a middle class income.”


[approx. 19.15] Cites a conversation with Lee Kuan Yew (First Prime Minister of Singapore)
China can draw the talents of 1.3 billion people. The US can draw the talents of 7 billion people and what’s more, recombine them with the diversity that produces greater creativity than nationalism.


Charlie Rose: Is that due to our policy on immigration?

He was not an American declinist, once telling the political scientist Joseph Nye that China could draw on a talent pool of 1.3 billion people, but the United States could draw on the world’s seven billion people and recombine them in a diverse culture that exudes creativity in a way that ethnic Han nationalism cannot.



President Obama Tweeter Q&A session on 2015-05-27

President Obama @POTUS
@jamesthe4tress Already expanded Pell Grants and capped student loan interest rates; now want to make 2 yrs of community college free.
(Note: Pell Grants)

President Obama @POTUS

.@HtetWint renewable energy key, already increased solar 10x and wind 3x, now need to invest more in r&d and provide regulatory incentives