Submission of the US Climate Action Plan (2015-03-31)

With 196 Parties, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has near universal membership and is the parent treaty of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Protocol has been ratified by 192 of the UNFCCC Parties

The ultimate objective of both treaties is to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that will prevent dangerous human interference with the climate system.


UNFCCC@UNFCCC · 2015-03-31
United States submits its #climateaction plan ahead of #Paris2015 agreement #COP21
Christiana Figueres@CFigueres · Mar31
Thanks USA for #INDC Total of 33 Parties have now formally submitted their #climateaction plans ahead of #COP21


The White House retweeted 2015-01-31 

Brian Deese @Deese44

[Senior Advisor to President Obama]
Big news @Medium: The US just submitted our post-2020 #ActOnClimate


The White House @WhiteHouse
America is taking steps to #ActOnClimate, and the world is joining us →…