Posted 2017-05-20

M. Frédéric Laroche qui se présentait en tant que victime de harcèlement électromagnétique a été interné à l’hôpital psychiatrique Saint-Egrève (près de Grenoble) suite à un incident



Posted 2017-05-17
2017-05-03: Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, draws a picture of the world network, of the dynamics of the world scene





Posted 2017-04-12

Establishment of the European Center of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats #HybridCoE




Posted 2017-03-24

Interview of Dr John Hall with George Noory on Electronic Harassment



Posted 2017-03-22

#Cyberspace, Electronic Warfare Exercises by the US Navy






Posted 2017-03-17

Interview of William Binney, former NSA head and Robert Duncan PhD, CIA, DOD, DARPA on 2017-03-15 by Cat Watters



Posted 2017-03-15

Study on artificial tinnitus with voice patterns (“hearing voices” known as “V2K”) on individuals that present themselves as victims of Covert Harassment or “Targeted Individuals”



Posted 2017-03-12

Robert Duncan Ph.D. lecture on "Cybernetics, Intelligent Systems of Control" at the Bases Project 2nd International Conference (2015)



Posted 2017-03-08

BBC story on British « conspiracy theorist » Max Spiers (UK 1976 - Poland 2016)


Brainwashing and mental programming concept of «triggers» of dormant tasks for sleeper agents is found in film «Telefon».




Posted 2017-03-04

#EUHaveYourSay: Launch of a public consultation on whistleblower protection at national and EU level 




Posted 2017-03-03 -- Updated 2017-03-04


UK secret military research base employee interviewed in 1995 by Bases Project talks of Electronic Brain Link (EBL), a Brain Computer Interface technique for imagery transfer and mental task setup. 


Cites mind alteration or brainwashing techniques such as post-hypnotic blocks and reversal as well as triggers of dormant tasks for sleeper agents. 




Posted 2017-03-02

CERN gets ready to obtain measurements for the Standard Model by replacing huge solenoid magnet that bends paths of particles from LHC collisions




Posted 2017-03-01

Miles Johnston, investigative journalist, created the Bases Project in 1994 to investigate allegations of Mind Control Laboratories in two UK secret military bases.
Bases Project interviews UK secret military base employee in 1995 on mind manipulation program run by the base.




Posted 2017-02-27


Submarine communication with low frequency electromagnetic signals



Targeted Individual Mind Control Protest at BBC London on 2017-02-25 

"We will stand in front of the BBC from 1 o'clock. If you can't be there, call the BBC to tell them to hear us and to use the term "Targeted Individual" as much as possible".

Stefanie van de Velde, organizer of the event.



Posted 2017-02-25

Forum des Sciences - Forum France Culture à l'Université de la Sorbonne



Posted 2017-02-24

GCHQ Q&A on Twitter



BBC Horizon show (1982) investigates the “Russian Woodpecker" electromagnetic signal, a 31-bit binary with 10Hz repetition rate transmitted to many countries worldwide




Posted 2017-02-21

Miles Johnston, investigative journalist, created the Bases Project in 1994 to investigate allegations of Mind Control Laboratories in two UK secret military bases.
Bases Project interviews UK secret military base employee in 1995 on mind manipulation program run by the base.





Posted 2017-02-15

L' Incubateur des Start-Ups de l'ICM (iPEPS)



Posted 2017-02-14

EQ-Radio: Emotion Recognition using Wireless Signals (MIT)



Wave Interference, Beats and Electromagnetic Waves



How to beam information e.g. audio or imagery in the nervous system using “beats” or interference patterns of two electromagnetic waves with slightly different frequencies




Posted 2017-02-13:

2017-02-10 L. Krauss Lecture on Cosmic Natural Selection

The Darwin Day Lecture 2017 - British Humanist Association - London, 2017-02-10



2017-02-11 Visit to the University of Oxford

Ranked 1st in World Universities by the Times Higher Education



2012-11-12: Electronic Harassment Investigation by KMIR News 6 (NBC affiliate), “You Ask. We Investigate”.



Microwave Auditory Effect: Why RADAR operators hear electromagnetic radiation as clicks

World authority in Microwave Hearing, Professor James Linn presents the phenomenon experimentally



Posted 2017-02-09

Fox News tries the Dept. Defence “Heat Ray” crowd deterrence non-lethal weapon or “Active Denial System” (2012)



Bacterial DNA emits electromagnetic waves in resonance with ambient electromagnetic background (e.g. 50Hz power lines)




Posted 2017-02-08

Calculating tidal volume (volume of air displaced during respiration) by magnetometers measuring displacement of body surfaces (sternum, abdomen etc).
Magnetometers - Degaussing/Demagnetisation.




Posted 2017-02-07

1. Measuring heart beat from a distance of 1m and respiratory rate from a distance of 1.5m with a Doppler Radar Transceiver (chip)

Use of microwaves identical to those emitted by routers (2.4GHz)


2. Radar Detection of heart and respiration rate of athletes at ranges exceeding 10m (Greneker et al).

“At 100m the limit was moving background clutter, not the system sensitivity”.


Use of hearbeat as a biometric identifier for security applications


3. Laser monitoring of chest wall displacement - GaAs laser

(~ 870 nm)




Lasers and Laser Therapy - Physiotherapy.



Electromagnetic Signaling - DARPA's "RadioBio" Program




Updated 2017-02-06

The Doppler Effect for Sound Waves and Electromagnetic Waves




Posted 2017-02-01

Complaint to the FBI of Satellite Surveillance and Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) by US Army Veteran

Patent US5531520 for matching of laser detection of human body outline to an anatomical image

Alleged Use in Satellite Surveillance and Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) of Individuals




Posted 2017-01-31

Application ANFR "Cartoradio Mobile" pour localisation des antennes et niveaux d' exposition aux champs radioélectriques.
Application "Electrosmart" d'INRIA pour l' exposition aux ondes des antennes 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.




Posted 2017-01-29

Remote detection of human electroencephalograms using ultrahigh input impedance electric potential sensors



Posted 2017-01-27

Torsion fields - Kozyrev Mirrors - Biocommunication - Remote Viewing


Launch of the Brain-Computer Interface Association CORTICO in France on 2017-01-24

2nd French (National) Neurofeedback Workshop on 2017-01-25




2017-01-13 Conference Frugal Science "Innovate for Health" with the echOpen community at ESPCI Paris.




Posted 2017-01-10

2017-01-09 | Experimental Conference at ESPCI Paris: Brain-Machine Interfaces, Myth and Reality




Posted 2017-01-05

Vote for German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier​ as « Arms Control Person of the Year » (#ACPOY) until 5th January 2017 




Posted 2017-01-03

Micro-Doppler Radar Signatures for Automatic Target Recognition and Automatic Gait Recognition (vehicles, jets, humans)



Non-thermal effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Biological Systems and Magnetic Resonance




Posted 2017-01-02

Wave Interference and Beats - Sound Waves and Electromagnetic Waves




Updated 2016-12-30

Dr. John Hall interview with Sean Stone (Oliver Stone's son) on technologies of brain interference (mind control) and Targeted Individuals



Posted 2016-12-29

Europe's biggest hacking conference, the "Chaos Communication Congress" is held in Germany. 
Posted 2016-12-26

Flashback2016: Brain Awareness Week at the ICM, an international neuroscience institute in France 



Posted 2016-12-24

Entreprise-academia research agreement between Facebook R&D and 17 academic institutions, including Harvard, MIT and Caltech




Directed Energy attacks on targeted individuals

Katherine Horton, University of Oxford PhD, former St John's College, Oxford Research Fellow & CERN Physicist receives hardest #DirectedEnergy attacks while in Germany (image: meter at max). Details




5th Review Conference of the United Nations Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW)





President Obama visit to Greece in November 2016


The President commended Greece for spending 2% GDP on defence and thanked Greece for close collaboration at Souda Bay, Crete (US Naval Support Activity Installation). Details




Presentation of the #EUDefence Action Plan 


One of the three pillars of the EU Security and Defence Policy, along with the "Implementation Plan of the EU Global Strategy in the area of Security and Defence" and the EU-NATO Joint Declaration. Details





The US-Russia agreement for the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons in 2013-14: one of the most challenging operations in the history of arms control


Operated by the OPCW with international collaboration – Most dangerous weapons destroyed onboard US ship, others transferred to UK, Finland, Germany, US (Texas)


UNSC determining for the first time international action in Syria






"The 8th Review Conference of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC) ended today, 25 November, in great disappointment".

Quote by Dr Jean Pascal Zanders (Belgium), expert in armament and disarmament, covering chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons, as well as space policy.





In support of a relaunch of conventional arms control in Europe

Ministerial declaration by Foreign Ministers of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.
25 November 2016
via the Germany and French Ministries of Foreign Affairs on Twitter




Posted 2016-11-22

«Digital Data» Event for the Public at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs​ in the presence of the Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault​





Posted 2016-11-16

Side event to the Eighth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention (7th to 25th November 2016): Screening of the BBC Four film Inside Porton Down bringing audiences to UK military research base





Posted 2016-11-13

The 1950 infection of San Francisco with a non pathogenic trackable bacterium by the US Navy in the frame of its Biowarfare Program




Posted 2016-11-11

The Libya Success Story of Chemical Weapon Elimination completed in 2016 by the Gov of National Accord, OPCW and International Partners









Washington DC Protest for Targeted Individuals on November 5th 2016

organized by Todd Giffen



NYC Targeted Individual activist, Eduardo Colon, announcing attendance at meeting of the HHS (Department of Health and Human Services) Secretary Advisory Committee on Human Rights Protection (SACHRP) on 2015-10-21/22




Washington DC Protest for Targeted Individuals on November 5th 2016

TIs will meet at the MacDonalds near the White House at 8.00am

organized by Todd Giffen


Image from 2015 protest


TargetedIndividuals (BioHackedIndividuals) write to the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues ahead of its 24th Meeting, on March 3, 2016



Todd Giffen, targeted individual, talks with Dr. Lisa M. Lee, Executive Director of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues on the occasion of Meeting 23 of the Commission on November 17 2015 



#TargetedIndividuals (#BioHackedIndividuals) are heard by the (US) Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues (Bioethics Commission) in 2011



Ultrasonic Device Tracking



Adm. Michael Rogers, director of the National Security Agency and commander of U.S. Cyber Command talks at Harvard University on 2016-10-05



Becky Richards, Director of NSA Office of Civil Liberties and Privacy, on Intelligence Oversight and Compliance Mechanisms on 2016-10-14





On Targeted Individuals (BioHacked Individuals) - Electromagnetic Harassment - Directed Energy Weapons (Link):


Dr. Barrie Trower, British physicist and microwave weapons expert (Royal Navy and British Secret Service) was asked to investigate detection of microwave targeting of politicians and athletes during London Olympics.


Dr. Barrie Trower "has a list of 25 to 30 frequencies which can induce up to 50 physiological and neurological illnesses"


Dr. John Hall, medical doctor, advocate of Targeted Individuals (Biohacked Individuals) talks about his book « A New Breed – Satellite Terrorism in America »



"Ex-CIA and MI5 Agent and Whistleblower Carl Clark Reveals Covert Electromagnetic Torture of Civilians by Intel Agencies in US/UK/Europe/Asia with Directed Energy “Non-Lethal” Neuroweapons"




2016-10-05: US Veteran presents Directed Energy Weaponry and Directed Energy (Frequency) Abuse involving #TargetedIndividuals #BioHackedIndividuals to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs 




Posted 2016-10-28

28 October 1940: Greece enters World War II

National Celebration of the “NO” (OXI) to the occupation





The story of "ThinThread" the NSA real-time intelligence tool with privacy filters told by the movie "A Good American", prequel to "Snowden"


A film on one of the best cryptomathematicians and coders, William Binnie, former NSA official



Former NSA (SIGINT) officials and whistleblowers William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe announce that they will start a study on Targeted Individuals





Project MK ULTRA, CIA's "Mind-Control" Program for drugs and procedures aiming in obtaining confessions and controlling human behavior 


Remote Neural Monitoring (RMN) and Electronic Brain Link (EBL) used by US National Security Agency/Signals Intelligence (Radiation Intelligence)





2016-09-27: Meeting on European Union Defense Cooperation – A European Defense Package






« Human Dimension Implementation Meeting », Warsaw, Poland 19th to 30th September


The annual conference of the OSCE institution, ODIHR is the most important human rights conference in Europe


(OSCE, the world’s largest security organization. The organism that works with Russia and Ukraine on the Minsk agreement.)








Minister of Defense of Poland has launched an investigation on citizen’s complaints of Electromagnetic Weapons – Report is due in September




Former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland also received massive citizen complaints for deliberate irradiations by Electromagnetic Weapons











Journées européennes du patrimoine 2016



Visite à un site du Ministère de la Défense, l’Ecole Militaire de Paris

L' Ecole de Napoléon Bonaparte








Posted 2016-09-19

Jason 3 live briefing on 2016-09-19


By representatives of all of the Jason-3 programme partners – EUMETSAT, the French Space Agency (CNES), the US’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the EU.






Reposted 2016-09-19


Jason 3, the sea surface height "mesurer", is ready to take over crucial ocean monitoring role

The French-US altimetric satellite that measures sea surface to an accuracy of 4cm - a warning system for El Nino

Launched by NASA-NOAA and manoeuverd in orbit by CNES Touloue










posted 2016-09-12


Call for Syria Nationwide Cessation of Hostilities (#COH) on Sept 12 (beginning of Eid) at sundown


Upon seven days of adherence, US and Russia will start joint operations against Nusrah (Al Qaeda affiliate) and ISIS.












The Rhodes Conference for Security & Stability in the Eastern Mediterranean (September 8-9/2016):


A Greek initiative to bring Europe, the Balkans closer to the Arab world


Official hashtag: #RhodeSeConf





Reposted as interesting precedent:

April 2015

China’s $46 billion investment on Pakistan  :
The China-to-Indian-Ocean Road via Pakistan

It is part of the Southern Corridor that also connects China to the Pacific Ocean.

(Cf. in yellow below the connection of Islamabad to the Indian Ocean - Gwadar Port - and also to the Pacific Ocean)








Cyprus–Egypt–Greece 2nd Trilateral Summit April 2015







Posted 2016-08-19:

Moving mentor-student story behind China Quantum Satellite. A parallel lab race evolves to collaboration.



Former Naval Officer in Electronic Warfare, David Voigts, is Walking Across the US to Create Public Awareness of 'Targeted Individuals




Posted 2016-08-16:

How to beam information e.g. audio or imagery in the nervous system using “beats” or interference patterns of two electromagnetic waves with slightly different frequencies




Posted 2016-08-12:

Writing new activity in the visual cortex of a mouse brain and recalling it


Imprinting and recalling a neuronal population/ensemble or neurocircuit: imprinting an image or engram/memory in the brain








Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB): Everywhere in the universe, around us, in our room, captured by old TVs. 
Its discovery tale in Hawking film and the latest information from ESA's PlanckMission with NASA





Posted 2016-08-06


Lysistrata, Aristophanes' anti-war play



Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus 5&6-8-2016






Launch of "Epidaurus Lyceum" an International Summer School for Ancient Drama in 2017 







Posted 2016-08-04


Is consciousness operating at a frames per second mode? As in cinematography?





"Coherence Potentials" are "perfect clones" of potentials in two brain areas

Coherence potentials are for a group of neurons what an action potential is for one cell

Related to the Genesis of Thought. An electrical signature of thought.

(Same link as above)



crossmodal.png (462×209)





The Fifth Dimension: If a capture of what we see is a 3D static frame and reality is frames in time (space time) or 4D, what would be 5D?


Answer: The different possibilities









Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs)-Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START)











US Politics: Congressman @Dennis_Kucinich on #NationalSecurity & @EJKucinich on #Palestine 





Kyle Rothenberg @kylerothenberg

@Dennis_Kucinich and wife @EJKucinich speaking in #Iowa about national security, GMOs and organic farming @FoxNews








Posted 2016-07-26

Microwave Auditory Effect: From clicks to speech; transferring audio remotely in the head of an individual


“Method and device for implementing the radio frequency hearing effect”: a patent held by the US Air Force


A&E television network hires company to create billboard with this technology to promote a ghost-series: only passersby in small sidewalk area hear in their head  “Who’s there? Who’s there?”






Posted 2016-07-25

Hearing microwaves as clicks: Modelling the "boiling wave" that is induced in our body and travels to our inner ear






Systems Biology Hierarchical Modelling


in a Cardiovascular Context



The content of my previous site has been transferred on this site at this page






Posted 2016-07-22

Information Storage in the Brain, Narratives and Persuasion


How is information stored in the brain?

How do we store exam study and how do we store traumas?

Can we erase traumas?


How do we comprehend narratives and how are we persuaded?

Why is ISIL successful in recruiting using distortion of religious narratives?

How are similar modes of behavior propagated in a society? (Similar expressions etc)


Appeal to social sciences, humanities and cognitive neuroscience.

The neurobiology of narrative comprehension and the connection between narrative and persuasion.






Posted 2016-07-21

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland also received massive citizen complaints on Electromagnetic Harassment  similarly to current Defence Minister









Posted 2016-07-20

DARPA's portfolio on the Brain Initiative #BRAINi


Neural Engineering System Design (NESD)




"Neural interfaces currently approved for human use squeeze a tremendous amount of information through just 100 channels, with each channel aggregating signals from tens of thousands of neurons at a time. The result is noisy and imprecise. In contrast, the NESD program aims to develop systems that can communicate clearly and individually with any of up to one million neurons in a given region of the brain."




Article published 2016-07-19:

via @nytimes : The #BatonRouge Gunman and "#TargetedIndividuals" | 3rd incident related to #GangStalking




Posted 2016-07-19:

Neuroscientists @BIDMChealth, a major @harvardmed teaching hospital, warn against DIY brain stimulation








Posted 2016-07-18:

Former Naval Officer in Electronic Warfare, David Voigts, is Walking Across the US to Create Public Awareness of 'Targeted Individuals" via Bloomberg

David Voigts: facebook & twitter


David Voights facebook post: "CNN story confirms that Baton Rouge shooter was a Targeted Individual"


Archive link



Hearing microwaves as clicks: Measuring the "boiling wave" that is induced in our head and travels to our inner ear



First we find how much energy our head absorbs. Then how much will be the thermal stress based on temperature rise; and eventually how much will be the pressure of the "boiling wave".


Notice the wave shown as white area at 20μs and follow its course.




Associative Decoded fMRI Neurofeedback - Relation to "Synesthesia"


via @statnews: ‘Inception’ in the lab: Scientists are trying to implant false visions in people ‏@infobookcom  

Neurofeedback creates new associations: stripes to color. On "Inception"? How to trick the brain out of depression?







Kalamata International Dance Festival 15th-26th July 2016









EU Resolution A4-0005/99 on the environment, security and foreign policy

citing weapons for manipulation of human beings




30. Calls in particular for an international convention for a global ban on all research and development, whether military or civilian, which seeks to apply knowledge of the chemical, electrical, sound vibration or other functioning of the human brain to the development of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings, including a ban on any actual or possible deployment of such systems;


UK Political Party Support against use of Electromagnetic Weapons on Humans

(Link as above)



Vigil & Meeting during Prime Minister Time at UK House of Parliament against CovertHarassment on 2016-07-13






Posted 2016-07-12:

EU CACH - The European Coalition against Covert Harassment

Interview of the General Manager of EUCACH, Magnus Olson










Posted 2016-07-11

US Legislation to Protect the Electric grid from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Weapons or Geomagnetic Disturbances




Posted 2016-07-10

Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) Satellite Systems do "pins" to our unique radiofrequency





Posted 2016-07-09

Facebook Petition post for the hybrid threat of Electromagnetic Weapons to NATO Secretary General 




Posted 2016-07-08

#EUGlobalStrategy "European Union’s Foreign And Security Policy" was presented at European Council on 2016-06-28










Posted 2016-07-07:

Three States in the US have created laws against Electronic Weapons: Michigan, Massachusetts, Maine

Exception: Only federal, state or municipal law enforcement officers can use electronic weapons

What are the Non-Lethal Weapons (of the NLW Program) of the US Department of Defense (e.g. Means for Crowd Control)


A citizen asks the Massachusetts State Police what they use on the street





2016-07-04: #TweetupMON, the media event organized by for Polish army capability demonstration ahead of the Warsaw NATO summit on 8-9 July 2016





Ministry of Defence @mod_pl

Today's #TweetupMON at front of the National Stadium where #NATOSummit will take place in next fiew days.






On 2016-05-12 Poland Defence Minister declares that he prepares report on use of

Electromagnetic Weapons against citizens and that it will be ready in 6 months. @infobookcom

#TweetupMON @Macierewicz_A does analysis on citizen complaints for electromagnetic weapons





#MindControl Targeted Individual Protest in Poland, Monday 4th July 2016


The protest in the media 2016-07-04:






Posted 2016-07-02

Mind Control - Covert Harrasment - Targeted Individuals (TIs)


#MindControl Targeted Individual Protest in Poland, Monday 4th July 2016







2016-05-12: Poland Defence Minister prepares report on use of Electromagnetic Weapons against citizens

via @stopeg



Posted 2016-06-29

We can hear microwaves as clicks because the head “boiling wave”, the thermoelastic wave causes vibration of an inner ear part (II)


As the thermoelastic wave arrives at the ear it induces 1 per 20μs = 50KHz sound wave.








Posted 2016-06-23

We can hear microwaves as clicks because the head “boiling wave”, the thermoelastic wave causes vibration of an inner ear part (I)


Why do we actually hear something? Take a map of the auditory system and determine what parts are activated. 



The phenomenon is similar to transmission of sound in solids, as shown in the following picture.







Microwave auditory effect: Why RADAR operators hear electromagnetic radiation as clicks



Phenomenon : 2450MHz in pulses that are 27µs apart and that are delivered at an intensity of 1250–40000 mW/cm2 give an auditory effect of a click or chirp to a person such as a radar operator.


How do you explain it?

2450MHz? That is the radiofrequency used by all microwave ovens in the world for heating.

Just take these conditions to the lab, or even to the kitchen!

What will you try it on? A bowl of water will suffice initially.





Signal Assessor detects microwave frequencies on #TargetedIndividual & finds match @FCC databank

Individual targeted by mobile-satellite & tropospheric scatter systems and radars used for meteorology


Link to Report





Archive link



Posted 2016-06-10

Getting to know the radiofrequencies of electromagnetic radiation around us:

France Info 105.5MHz, SFR mobile 3G 900MHz and 2100 MHz, all microwave ovens 2450MHz



How do we use the 2450MHz radiofrequency of microwave ovens


What happens when we heat water in a microwave oven?

In short: Microwave electromagnetic radiation exerts electric forces that change direction 2.450.000.000 times per second and rotate water molecules because these have electric poles!



Image from an excellent resource by 







Posted 2016-06-08

J. Giordano, professor of Neurology, DARPA & Pentagon advisor, calls on Nations to prepare to address the neuroweapon threat ahead of the UN Bioweapons Convention 




image source







2016-06-03 #NuitENS

Nuit des Sciences et des Lettres à l'Ecole Normale Supérieure









Enhanced #dataprotection rights for EU-US citizens in law enforcement cooperation : EU and US sign #UmbrellaAgreement

EU-US Ministerial on Justice and Home Affairs



DimitrisAvramopoulos @Avramopoulos

"Steering" EU-US relations in #JHA area w/@ArdvanderSteur,@LorettaLynch,Dep Secr Mayorkas @DHSgov,Slovak MoI Kaliňák








Homeland Security @DHSgov

Deputy Secretary Mayorkas and Attorney General Lynch join EU-US Ministerial on security and citizens’ rights








Posted 2016-06-01

DataProtection/Crime&Terrorism EU-US

Signing of the Judicial Redress Act Bill by the US President on 2016-02-24 paves the way for the signing of the EU-US #UmbrellaAgreement 1st-2nd June. @infobookcom

Remarks by @POTUS at the Signing of the #JudicialRedressAct Bill via @WhiteHouse


US Embassy Brussels @usembbrussels

@POTUS signs the Judicial Redress Act to help protect data privacy of US & foreign citizens. @infobookcom

Statement @VeraJourova on sign. of #JudicialRedressAct by @POTUS : paves way to #dataprotection #UmbrellaAgreement…



#UmbrellaAgreement EU-US #JHA ministerial 1st-2nd June


Věra Jourová @VeraJourova

#UmbrellaAgreement will help EU and US justice and police authorities fight crime+ terrorism w/ high #DataProtection standards for citizens @infobookcom

#US represented by @TheJusticeDept AttorneyGen. @LorettaLynch & Deputy Secr. of Homeland Security @DHSgov #AMayorkas

Quoted tweet:

EU Justice @EU_Justice

Commissioners @Avramopoulos and @VeraJourova to participate in the EU-US #JHA ministerial meeting #UmbrellaAgreement…


Archive Link

EU Justice

US Foreign Policy



FrHack! Le Hackathon des fréquences, organisé par l'ANFR (Agence Nationale des Fréquences) Link


France Info 105.5 MHz





Le Projet "Transport Urbain Connecté" récompensé


De grand intérêt général:

« SpectreHacking », projet de visualisation des ondes dans le paysage urbain et de connaissance des niveaux d’exposition du public 


De grand intérêt pour les gens électrosensibles et électrociblés:

« Voyager en zones blanches »






#museedehors 2016-05-15

Mon album #muséedehors 






Posted 2016-05-28:

Scientific facts on Mind Control: Microwave Auditory Effect 

Why RADAR operators hear electromagnetic radiation as clicks


Mechanism: Upon absorption by soft tissues, microwaves induce a thermoelastic pressure wave which travels by skull conduction to the inner ear-cohlea.




2016-05-12: Poland Defence Minister to prepare report on use of Electromagnetic Weapons against citizens

via @stopeg


Archive Link


Posted 2016-05-27

Scientific facts on Mind Control: Microwave Auditory Effect. Link


2016-05-23: First EU Day Against Impunity

for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes






Who can help you in the EU?


CommissionEuropéenne @UEfrance

Un problème avec l'#UE ? Le médiateur européen peut vous aider… #justice






Victim Support Europe





Posted 2016-05-26

A U.S. legislative act that constitutes a safeguard for targeted individuals of "Mind Control" and "Mood Management" (terms cited in the text)


Introduced by D.Kucinich, a member of the Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee.


H.R. 2977 (107th): Space Preservation Act of 2001

Congress\Bills\H.R. 2977 (107th)




Resolutions in support of the Space Preservation Act of 2001 by two U.S. municipalities: City of Berkeley, California (2002), City of Richmond, California (2015)






Posted 2016-05-25

2016-05-24 Eurogroup - Greece 

Eurogroup President: “Greece has done a lot, delivering a lot, we are making good progress”.“Program fully back on track”


All the hard legislative work done by Greece starting this summer until last week is recognized and the first evaluation is now completed successfully.


On this basis:

1. Planned disbursement approved.

2. Debt sustainability addressed: A pack of short, medium and long term measures is proposed/outlined.


In accordance with previously agreed method: Interest rates up to 15% of GDP (benchmark for gross financing needs)


IMF to consider to re-engage.


Financial Times: Reacting to the news of the breakthrough on Wednesday, Greek 10-year bonds yielded under 7 per cent for the first time since November.


Archive link



Greece keeps on legislating hard: Passed last reform bill on Sunday ahead of Eurogroup

Exemplary status including commitment and economic sacrifices ahead of today's Eurogroup



Image: Reuters



2:05pm · 23 May 2016


MediaGovGr @MediaGovGr

#Greece passes last reform bill to close review ahead of #Eurogroup READ via @greeknewsagenda



Archive link




New site section: Mind Control and Behavioral Modification Awareness



Resolution of City of Richmond, California in support of "Space Preservation Act" as a safeguard for targeted individuals (2015)


Rational: “this legislation serves as a safeguard for targeted individuals who claim to be under assault from weaponry that should be outlawed by the Space Preservation Act.”


First municipality in US to adopt resolution in support of "Space Preservation Act"





Space Preservation Act of 2001:

"use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations"






International Diplomacy/Ministers of Foreign Affairs moving swiftly in the past 7 days


Monday 23rd: 7th Annual Eastern Partnership Foreign Ministers Meeting (EU Partnership), EU Foreign Ministers Monthly Meeting

Thursday and Friday 19th-20th: NATO ministerial (Foreign Ministers)

Thursday 18th: E3+1 IranDeal

Wednesday 17th (to Friday): Quartet (UN, EU, US, Russia) Israel-Palaistine

Tuesday 16th: Vienna ministerial International Syria Support Group (Syria)

Monday 15th: Vienna ministerial on Libya




Dialogues parallèles #handicap : Conférence national @Elysee le matin, mouvement citoyen @MuseesDebout #Republique à 19h45



2016-05-19 19h45: @MuseesDebout lance le débat sur l'accessibilité au #musée: "Un lieu accessible? Le handicap au musée"






Aujourd'hui a eu lieu le "Conférence nationale du handicap" @Elysee #CNH_2016 


Infos: …


MinSocialSanté @MinSocialSante

“La Conférence nationale du #handicap a pour but de construire une société encore plus inclusive” @s_neuville

(photo 1 sur 2)




#MuseumDay International Museum Day


The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York says: "Teens Take the Met"


Teen-only activities @metmuseum on Friday 






Homer's epic poem "Odyssey" recitation at National Archaeological Museum #Greece





Concevoir productions et médiations autour des œuvres des musées

NuitdesMusées @NuitdesMusees

"La classe, l'œuvre !" invite les élèves à concevoir productions et médiations autour des œuvres des musées. #NDM16




Archive Link



2016-05-18 via @SyriaInstitute : Syrian coalition @SyrCoalition elects new interim govt head, to be based inside Syria for the first time


Jawad Abu Hatab, former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Aleppo University, is based in Idlib





2016-05-17: International Syria Support Group (ISSG) Meeting

Link (corrigendum)



UN Geneva @UNGeneva

Statement of the Int'l #Syria Support Group after the meeting in Vienna: #SyriaTalks


Department of State @StateDept

Statement of the International #Syria Support Group Media Note → #ISSG



EU External Action @eu_eeas

Statement by the International #Syria Support Group after the meeting in #Vienna - key outcomes #SyriaTalks…



MFA Russia @mfa_russia

Intern. Syria Support Group reaffirmed determination to strengthen Cessation of Hostilities




Excerpts from Joint Statement:


Cessation of Hostilities

  • welcomed the ongoing work of the Task Force and other mechanisms to facilitate solidifying of the cessation such as the UN Operations Center and Russian-U.S. Coordination Cell in Geneva

Ensuring Humanitarian Access

  • The ISSG insisted on concrete steps to enable the provision of urgent humanitarian deliveries to the following locations: Arbeen, Darraya, Douma, East Harasta, Mouadhimiyeh, Zabadin and Zamalka.
  • Starting June 1, if the UN is denied humanitarian access to any of the designated besieged areas, the ISSG calls on the World Food Program to immediately carry out a program for air bridges and air drops for all areas in need.

Advancing a Political Transition the norm

  • The ISSG reiterated the objective of meeting the target date established by UNSCR 2254 of August 1 for the parties to reach agreement on a framework for a genuine political transition,




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We are bathed in a wave environment (e.g. tv/radio/mobile waves). Could we harness this immense energy?


On the occasion of the DARPA (US Defence Research Agency) Demo Day at the Pentagon today and the presentation of its projects as referenced at the following tweet, a past project on Vaccum is cited.



If you're at the #Pentagon tomorrow, visit DARPA Demo Day 1000-1400 in the courtyard.






via Scientific American published in 2009

"Research in a Vacuum: DARPA Tries to Tap Elusive Casimir Effect for Breakthrough Technology" Link






Two Biology DARPA projects: Microphysiological Systems #MPS and Electrical Prescriptions #ElectRx Link 



via @ScienceNetLinks

"Physicist, Nobel Prize winner, and popular science author Richard Feynman was born #onthisday"

"Sometimes referred to as the Great Explainer, Feyman believed in communicating complex ideas in a way that the general public could understand. He was a popular lecturer and wrote a number of books, including his memoir, Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman, and The Feynman Lectures on Physics, which Discover named as one of the 25 greatest science books of all time in 2006."





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Can't solve riddle? Pass electric current in brain: 40% of non-solvers will solve it


A sort of brain electro-shock by TMS

Article by Scientific American :""Does Zapping Your Brain Increase Performance?"

"The evidence for neurostimulation is decidedly mixed" 




Previous related post (at above link): 

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) against Depression:

Accessing electrically the mood circuits to modulate neurotransmitter release




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Dimanche après-midi agréable à la Place de la République


Des cordons ou des rubans délimitent les espaces utilisés par certains groupes :

#museedehors de @MuseesDebout, @AvocatsD@Debout_EducPop (éducation populaire), Féministes debout


Lien vers les mouvements de Nuit Debout

Lien vers #museedehors de @MuseesDebout @infobookcom

C'est @ElyxYak et "l'Infante Marguerite en bleu" de Diego Vélasquez au #museedehors @MuseesDebout | type: #baroque

"Les pèlerins d'Emmaus" @MuseesDebout Vers la reconnaissance de Jésus,de soi.Et carte #Elyx!




Les personnes électrociblés : Intervention @Debout_EducPop par Fédérique, victime




Debout Education Pop @Debout_EducPop… Frédéric est venu nous parler des électrosensibles et des électrociblés (08/05 - 17h) #EducPop #69mars #NuitDebout



Le site de Frédéric pour les #électrociblés:

email en bas:


Un groupe dédié aux victimes francophones de #mindcontrol:






Reaffirming the Cessation of Hostilities in Aleppo, Syria as of today 00:01 Damascus time

UN Security Council meeting on Aleppo - France and Germany Diplomacy Meeting with De Mistura and HNC's R.Hijab

Syria Peace Talks 13-27 April 2016 (3rd round)

HNC Opposition at previous round: Substantive papers, praised for being constantly ready to elaborate on these.

3rd round: Positions further discussed

Government: accepted "political transition" vocabulary after constant references to counterterrorism (i.e.rebels) in previous round. Issued paper but seemed beyond scope.



2016-04-14: Syria's main opposition group willing to share membership of a transitional governing body with many current members of the Assad government but not with Assad himself

2016-03-31 : Assad says it would not be difficult to agree on a new Syrian government including opposition figures

(link above)



World Press Freedom Day #WPFD2016


Azerbaijani investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova awarded UNESCO/Cano World Press Freedom Prize 2016

"Azerbaijan attacks Amal Clooney over support for jailed journalist"

via The Guardian





Photographers (including @TylerHicksPhoto @hollypickett ) in Oil Refineries in Libya
Tweeted by @goldmanorah | RT @yannisBehrakis

Media preview






Aleppo battlefield dynamics delineated by F.Balanche

(@WashInstitute fellow/professor @univ_lyon2) at @RadioTeleSuisse

1. Nusra & pro-Turk allies started it by attacking goverment zone & Kurd neighbourhoods 

2. Assad had Palmyra & Deir ez-Zor agenda (liberate army who was held hostage) and Russia had earned legitimacy and shown "hard-power".

3. Syrian Army was heading towards Deir ez-Zor and Tabqa military base near Raqqa: With coordination IS could be chased from Raqqa in automn.



Meeting of UN Envoy for Syria and John Kerrry in Geneva: 

Enhancing accountability and CoH enforcement with additional US & Russia personnel at UN Operations Center in Geneva

Intense work in progress to restore cessation of hostilities

Telephone discussion J.Kerry - S.Lavrov

UN Envoy to travel to Moscow tomorrow




Secretary @JohnKerry’s remarks with @UN Special Envoy to #Syria Staffan de Mistura after their meeting today:



"To visit the Middle East once in one's lifetime"

Visit to Israel and Palestine on the occasion of Orthodox Easter




The Holy Light Ceremony in Jerusalem

When John of Damascus watched the ceremony he said: "Now everything becomes light! " 

(link as above - scroll down)




Posted 2016-04-29:

Cessation of hostilities is collapsing : UN Envoy urges US & Russia to save the CoH and calls for ISSG ministerial meeting

#SaveAleppo Critical situation in Aleppo - Aistrike on hospital

Battle dynamics and need for investigation of who does what



AFP 551378294 I WAR SYR(Photo: AMEER ALHALBI, AFP/Getty Images)





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Art Curator (Louvre Museum) goes to Paris square for @NuitDebout* holding painting: Curious bystanders gather and an art movement is initiated @MuseesDebout ("MuseumsOnYourFeet")


Conservateur @MuseeLouvre va à @nuitdebout avec un tableau: les curieux s'approchent & un mouvement se crée @MuseesDebout  


"Avec Musées debout, l’art aussi a son agora" via Le Monde




«Musées Debout» : faites circuler, y a du savoir… via @libe & @guillaumekdd & @MuseesDebout











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Artists-In-Residence at CERN Arts@CERN, NASA’s Labs at UC Berkeley, Fermilab, Triumf


“Particle physics is the most challenging subject we’ve ever worked with because it’s so difficult to create a tangible idea about it, and that’s kind of what we are all about”

Artist-in-Residence at CERN




Emily Carr University of Art & Design @EmilyCarrU students at TRIUMF.

Courtesy of TRIUMF




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S. Hawking ( @Cambridge_Uni ) lecture at Harvard University citing current work* and the Star Chip

(*Harvard professors included)



At a packed Sanders Theatre, Stephen Hawking tackled the contradictory qualities of black holes



Studying black holes to understand the nature of space


The January 2016 paper of S. Hawking, M.J. Perry (both from DAMTP @Cambridge_Uni) and A. Strominger (@harvardphysics)






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New York Times and Thomson Reuters shared the Pulitzer for breaking news photography. Link



Entaglement and Superconductor Cooper Pair Splitter by @Physique_ENS


Electron buddies (Cooper pair) stick together! Keep one in Paris, take the other to Los Angeles: they'll be connected!






A Mighty Magnet for Quantum Secret to Superconductivity

FR National Laboratory for Intense Magnetic Fields - Toulouse @LNCMI






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The Human Connectome Project


"New Evidence Points to Personal Brain Signatures"

April 2016 - Science - via Scientific American


"Brain scans of a person doing nothing at all can predict how neural circuits will light up when that same individual is gambling or reading a book " 


"Brain scans pinpoint individuals from a crowd"

October 2015 via Nature




The Human ConnectomeImage Source




Posted 2016-04-15


The link between Condensed Matter Physics and String Theory: When electrons form a crowd, search how the strings are pulled !


Electrons buddies in “superconductor phase” and the “strange metal phase":

“The differences among these phases arise from the collective behavior of electrons.”


Notes on this Scientific American article by Harvard Physics Professor Subir Sachdev




State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton @binghamtonu work via National Science Foundation (US) tweet:


Individual biometric identification with 100% accuracy by brain-waves

When a biometrician across campus stumbles upon a neuroscientist's electroencephalograms he concludes:

"By analyzing brain activity response to visual and thought stimuli, we can identify the individual with 100 percent accuracy."


Research at @binghamtonu could predict childhood reading troubles - and new biometrics. More


Sarah Laszlo prepares a subject to measure brain activity using electroencephalography (EEG).





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"Worth it!", appreciating value in general or "a value", and Architecture

Noting that today's architecture is a small fraction of the history of Architecture




"Open House Worldwide" : "showcasing outstanding architecture for all to experience"


Excerpt from the page

'Open House' is a simple but powerful concept: showcasing outstanding architecture for all to experience, completely for free. Open House initiatives invite everyone to explore and understand the value of a well-designed built environment.



Open House Athens - weekend 16-17 April 2016

91 architecture masterpieces accessible to all







Posted: 2016-04-13


On the occasion of the White House Science Fair, some pictures from the exhibition

Digital Revolution, section Digital Archeology (Onassis Cultural Center)



Altair, the first PC (Bill Gates adapts BASIC for Altair)





Towards a Unified Physics Theory - "The Theory of Everything"

What happens if you run a Bing Bang simulation/ a cosmos simulation backwards or a black hole simulation back from its horizon? Will you get the Bang or the singularity?


Answer: You will get a Bounce and a tunnel to another cosmos, to another part of space.







Posted: 2016-04-12

Making Physics a café/tearoom activity and riddle-solving you can ponder on to get your mind off stressing thoughts


Towards a Unified Physics Theory - "The Theory of Everything"





Loop quantum gravity - A. Ashtekar - Penn State


How does space look like?

Like a lattice similar to shirt under microscope with threads arriving at circular surfaces

Like a polymer lattice.






General Relativity at 100: Where do space and time come from? 







Excellent article by Nature journal with milestones towards a #UnifiedPhysicsTheory. The constituents,"atoms" of the Space-Time Fabric


(a-tom, cf tomography, the un-cuttable, the indivisible, the individual)




(update of Friday 2016-04-08 - tweets added)



When entropy increase is reflected on increase of surface. A holographic paradigm.


What happens when a black hole devours stuff?

Stuff is homogenized, reduced to particles.

More particles in a ballon? Increase of volume? Increase of entropy?

Scientistist tells us increase of the surface of its horizon. Increase of entropy proportional to the increase of its horizon surface.

What is inside, in a 3D space, in a volume is represented on a 2D surface?

That is similar to 3D object represented on 2D holographic film. Holography.



Statistical laws of thermodynamics :

"a macroscopic average over the motions of myriad atoms and molecules"


Statistical laws of gravity :

"a macroscopic approximation to the unseen constituents of space and time"








In photography light from object hits the film.

In holography, before it does that, you must have it interfere with the "original" light that hit the object.

The interference pattern of the two is to be sent on the film.


You get a "maze" in the emulsion of the fim. Shine light on it, and the light will follow the same track and will reproduce the image.




An Encyclopedia Britannica Film 




On Einstein–Rosen bridges or Wormholes: Connection of two points in spacetime, net flux of lines of force, multiply-connected space


A Wormhole between Tubingen, Germany and Boulogne-sur-Mer, France developed as an exact solution of Einstein's field equations

Equations by K.Thorne (one of the protagonists of the gravitational waves discovery)@Caltech for Carl Sagan's novel "Contact"





ds^2 = -dt^2 + dl^2 + (b_0^2+l^2)(d theta^2 + sin^2 theta d phi^2)





T. Young discovers that light behaves as a wave using a card:

Take a card with two slits and shine light on it; you will get stripes on the wall.


T. Young says that we are watching "water waves in a pond" or sound waves, the same principle/truth he had just written up in this thesis. He got the Nobel prize for his discovery.


Young's interference experiment, also called Young's double-slit interferometer (wikipedia).



Mind Control and Behavioral Modification Journal/Diary from a Sufferer. Link



On happiness: What provides more powerful and long-lasting happiness?

“money, fun, love, and tacos” or “good-deeds” ?

e.g. thank you from helping aged friend paint a room



Solidarité - Aux Captifs la Libération

Image du site de la Fondation Notre Dame, association caritative catholique

Image from the site of Fondation Notre Dame (Foundation “Our Lady”), catholic charity association



Which frame of mind does one prefer to feel happy? Enthusiastically-excited or calm and serene ? 



Pour initier un mouvement citoyen, s'approcher de la Mairie de la ville!


La Nuit des Débats - Paris, le 2 avril 2016



Débattre, c'est l'essence de la démocratie. Faisons lui honneur en débattant et partageant nos idées pendant des heures ! #NuitDesDébats


Débattons. Oui, mais pourquoi ? Quel impact sur la décision publique ? ? #NuitDesDébats


A la #NuitDesDébats, tentons de discerner les visibles et les invisibles du débat public



Ce soir, on discute, on se rencontre, on débat. C'est parti pour la #NuitDesDebats !



Quelle meilleure occasion que la #NuitDesDebats pour découvrir le @FluctuatCafe après sa réouverture ?


Media preview



Merci au @PointEphemere d'avoir accueilli la #Nuitdesdebats !




Merci au café "Le rendez-vous", dans le 14e d'avoir participé à la #Nuitdesdebats


Media preview


Notre société doit se préoccuper de générer des anticorps par la parole,la démocratie,le respect de l’autre&le vivre ensemble @Anne_Hidalgo


Media preview


Les migrants racontent leurs parcours @monquartier19 @FrancoisDagnaud @dversini @YMerzi @mahorchiche #NuitDesDebats






Quand les gens rentrent à la maison après le travail avec une soif pour des idées


A l’occasion de l’émission avec M. Onfray (2016-03-17) – un philosophe, un intellectuel, un spécialiste d’un domaine intellectuel, un « producteur des idées »



 La Grande Librairie Retweeted

#Audience record de ce début d'année pour la @GrandeLibrairie ! Vous étiez plus de 700000 hier, MERCI à tous ??





Release on 2016-03-30:

"Human Brain Project's Research Platforms Released for the Public"

"Public Release of Platforms Will Help Advance Collaborative Research in Neuroscience, Medicine, and Computing"


Join us on 30th March for the release of the HBP Platforms. The event will be streamed live via AdobeConnect Webcast…


Neuro-computing tools released for global neuroscience community to start using


(Archive link)

2016-03-31: Assad Interview to Russian Media  Link



2016-03-31: Cyprus successfully exits ESM programme

#ESM Regling: "I congratulate govt &people of CY for achievements over last 3yrs. CY restored growth & sound budget much faster than expected"
Pierre Moscovici @pierremoscovici : This is a good day for #Cyprus and for #Europe. With the conclusion of the programme, the country moves beyond the crisis @EU_Commission


#ESM #Cyprus programme: A success story told in 13 slides 


Archive Opéra de Paris "MémOpéra" Link


Cf. Portail des Opéras de France - Αrt lyrique et choréographique   Lien 

(Politique culturelle FR/Dispositifs culturels) @infobookcom

June exhibition "American choreographers @operadeparis : from Balanchine to Forsythe» Archive…



"MémOpéra" archive les opéras et ballets joués dans nos salles depuis 1973 : #HeritageMW





Cinema: A biopic of a genius


In search of Ramanujan: evocative biopic of the self-taught mathematical genius from Madras





Posted 2016-03-30

A Mind Control and Behavioral Modification Journal/Diary by a Sufferer.

As I start reporting the remotely induced routines that I am silently suffering, people that get dramatically attracted in the street around me start wondering if something else is implicated.

Link to Journal

Link to Mind Control and Behavioral Modification Technology



Resonance of optical nano-cavity modified by nano-antenna




Ingénierie au CNRS @insis_cnrs 

[Actu] Une nano-antenne « papillon » pour accorder la résonance d’une nano-cavité optique >





Posted 2016-03-29


An Encyclopedia on Human Behavior - A Neuroscience Encyclopedia

Link to "Motivation, Risk seeking/aversion page"




Posted 2016-03-25:


In favor of a "New Humanism" Movement, concrete and pedagogical, with examples and analyses. “Everything for Him”. “Everything for Her.”

(Previously posted link)


A movement led by the neurosciences, psychology-psychotherapy, arts, spiritualism


In the same way that a host is getting ready to receive his guests e.g. for a dinner party. What would my guests like to have? How could I make my guests feel more comfortable? How could I keep them entertained?


PHASE 1: Neurosciences & Brain Awareness Week

PHASE 2: Psychology and Psychotherapy

Mental Health, Disorder and Genius. + Johnny Depp dialogue +NIH workshop. Link



#GreekRevolution #GreekIndependenceDay


A Spring revolution, the Greek revolution, was initiated on the Annunciation of Mary Day


Inspired by the Enlightment/Lumières movement – Succeeded when an intellectual and popular movement engaged the help of the governments of Britain, France and Russia.


(Under the auspices of Mary |  Eυ+angel+ismos = Good+to announce/to deliver message+ism)


Rôle de la France à la Révolution Grecque






Tweets of 2016-03-24






The French-US altimetric satellite that measures sea surface to an accuracy of 4cm - a warning system for El Nino


Launched by NASA-NOAA and manoeuverd in orbit by CNES Toulouse


Joint project of:

NOAA, NASA, Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES, France’s governmental space agency) and European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT).




#WorldMetDay - World Meteorological Day  #ClimateAction


Media preview


Posted 2016-03-22



.@POTUS called Prime Minister of Belgium @CharlesMichel after the attacks in #Brussels: 


François Hollande ‏@fhollandeJ’exprime mon entière solidarité avec le peuple belge. À travers les attentats de Bruxelles, c’est toute l’Europe qui est frappée.




#WorldWaterDay RT @NewsfromScience: Water molecules break bonds through quantum tunneling:


Electric/Electrostatic forces in the atom and molecule world

Vaccum forces - The Casimir effect




#Syria | 5th Humanitarian Access Task Force Progress Report

4 areas reached (Madaya, Zabadani, Kafreya, Foah) - Permits for 15 locations granted

Effort to reach 1.1 million people to end of April



 14-20th March |  Brain Awareness Week - Semaine du Cerveau



Link-Lien (EN & FR)


Updated post/link 2016-03-18: 

Neuroscience & Emotions

Positive emotions (Emotions Positives) - Compassion





Posted 2016-03-17

1. TV show featuring Brain Series

2. A Book on Neuroscience and Emotions similar to a work of art (text S. Bohler, photos V. Durruty)

Un livre sur les Neurosciences et les Emotions qui ressemble à une œuvre d’art (texte S. Bohler, journaliste scientifique de Cerveau et Psycho, photos V. Durruty).


Oxytocin is the hormone of attachment. Love for a lifetime?

L’Ocytocine est l’hormone de l’attachement. L’amour, toute la vie ?


Pleasure / Le Plaisir
By Society for Neurosciences (US) 
"Neuroscientists Take to the Hill in Support of Research"


Posted 2016-03-16:

The Electron and the (TV) Cathode Ray Tube 
What was the old tv/computer screen like? Electrons falling onto a phosphor screen







"Electron" is the ancient greek word for "Amber".



Posted 2016-03-15:
The Photon and the Photoelectric effect.

When the wave notion of light had to be complemented/modified:

If either a tsunami of light or a small light wave hit a metal, electrons from the metal fly off with the same speed.


Einstein explains why and gets the Nobel prize for the photoelectric phenomenon in 1921.



#EinsteinBirthday on same day as π=3,14 day (2016-03-14)



Paris Brain Week inaugural lecture with President of FR Society of Neurosciences telling the dopamine story at ICM


Take home-message. Moving video of Parkinsonian patient before and after therapeutic deep brain stimulation. Before: he walks at the hospital corridor like patients in "Awakenings". After: moving freely, slightly running in the corridor.


Vidéo émouvant de patient Parkinsonien après “deep brain stimulation”. Marche comme en “Awakenings” devient marche vigoureuse.


Photo from ICM tweet


Posted 2016-03-11:


#SemaineDuCerveau #Paris  |  lundi 2016-03-14


Un interlocuteur important des Neurosciences FR :

Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Epinière (ICM)

En association avec le plus grand hôpital, Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière à Paris (Hôpital Universitaire).

Incubateur des start-ups et Living Lab.


Conférence inaugurale par le président de la Société des Neurosciences

Image result for Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Epinière

RDV lundi 18:30 à l'ICM pour la conf inaugurale de la #SemaineDuCerveau

(Event of 2016-03-10)

Prelude to Brain Awareness Week in Paris & Lyon. Lecture organized by the French


Institute of Health and Medical Research & Cité des Sciences


Title | "Brain: Care To Human Augmented"



Prélude à la Semaine du Cerveau à Paris et Lyon. Conférence par Inserm et Cité des



Titre | "Cerveau : Du Soin à l’Homme Augmenté"



Two take-home messages: The patient above all. Replace-Prosthesis, Restore-Paralysis, Rehabilitate-Stroke & Psychiatric Disorders e.g. attention deficit


Deux messages de la conférence: Le patient avant tout. Remplacer-Prothèse, Restaurer-Paralysie, Rééduquer-AVC-psychiatrie/troubles attention









Neurosciences and respiratory-related behaviors: Sighing, yawning, sniffing, crying,




A circuit for sighing – Normal breathing converted to sigh





Posted 2016-03-10:




Humanitarian Access Task Force Progress Report


Ten areas reached, six pending permits, airdrop preparations for ISIS-siege in progress


238,485 people reached  by 536 trucks, 870,000 to be reached from now to April





Posted 2016-03-09:



Prelude to Brain Awareness Week in Paris & Lyon. Lecture organized by the French


Institute of Health and Medical Research & Cité des Sciences


Title | "Brain: Care To Human Augmented"



Prélude à la Semaine du Cerveau à Paris et Lyon. Conférence par Inserm et Cité des



Titre | "Cerveau : Du Soin à l’Homme Augmenté"



La #ConfSanT #Cerveau, du soin à l'homme augmenté, c’est demain à #Paris, #Lyon et sur @InsermLive #SemaineDuCerveau



A lire avant la #ConfSanT #cerveau, notre dossier sur les interfaces cerveau-machine




Nanomédicament, cerveau augmenté: à découvrir demain avec #lasemaineducerveau #ConfSanT @InsermLive @citedessciences



Nanomédicament, cerveau augmenté ? #ConfSanT avec @InsermLive 10 mars 19h @citedessciences 









Permanences de conseil @cite_sante à la @citedessciences


"Quelqu'un à qui parler", "pouvoir exprimer son mal-être"

Besoin d’écoute ? La Porte ouverte vous attend @cite_sante Jeudi 10 mars entre 14 et 18h




2016-03-08: a $100-million "Apollo project of the brain" via Scientific American


The U.S. government launches a $100-million "Apollo project of the brain" 







 DG ECFIN Retweeted

Compliments to #Cyprus. Financial assistance program ends, back on path sustainable growth. Success story with strong commitment government



Pierre Moscovici @pierremoscovici

#Chypre : dernier #Eurogroupe avant la conclusion du programme. Progrès très importants accomplis, chemin de la croissance retrouvé @ecfin




Motion in Macrocosm (Link)  updated with"Great tilt gave Mars a new face" 

Link to Press Release in English


Posted 2016-03-08

Motion in the Macrocosm and the Microcosm - Classical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics

(large/universe or small/atomic scale)

Part I : Motion in the Macrocosm - Classical Mechanics. Link


International Women's Day - "Today we celebrate women!"


UN: 'Urgent need for creative solutions and changing mindsets' (tweet)


"Today we celebrate women" @FedericaMog & #EU Commissioners #InternationalWomendDay #IWD2016!XH46Nq


Photo from a tweet by Martin Kobler @KoblerSRSG on the participation of women in government of Libya 




Happy International #WomensDay! Gender stereotypes hold women & girls back. #Planet5050 means opportunities for all



Ahead of #IWD2016, @IPUparliament says Women's participation rate in parliaments slows


Excerpt: 'Urgent need for creative solutions and changing mindsets'



Women and Science


Image from


Posted 2016-03-04

Printemps de Poètes 2016 : « Le Grand XXe siècle, d’Apollinaire à Bonnefoy »

Centenaire de la bataille de Verdun, la guerre, « O mes soldats souffrants » (Apollinaire)


Spring of Poets, French Poetry event | 2016: "The Grand 20th Century, from Apollinaire to Bonnefoy"

The Verdun battle centenery , On war, “Oh my suffering soldiers” (Apollinaire)


Je donne à mon espoir tout l’avenir qui tremble 
comme une petite lueur au loin dans la forêt


I am giving to my hope all the future that trembles 
like a glimmer far away in the forest


First part written on the official flyer of the event below




With skies free of barrel bombs peaceful demonstrations across Syria





The notion of "tone" for the human body

The notion of myogenic tone of our arteries and a discovery of its regulation - In relation to arterial hypertension




Posted 2016-03-03


"Science with and for Society" Policy. Scientific Societies and "Learned Societies" in dialogue with society as cultural nodes in a new humanism mission. The opportunity of Brain Awareness Week. (FR link below)


World Wildlife Day 2016

The future of the Caspian Seal is #InOurHands - Planet’s smallest seal in danger:  #WWD2016



Politique "Science avec et pour la Société" (FR)


2016-03-02 Supérieur&Recherche ‏@sup_recherche  | Rencontre de partenariat "Science avec et pour la Société": faciliter la création de consortium @SisnetNCP #H2020 


Sur la création des noyaux culturels. Sociétés d'émulation et Sociétés savantes.


Modification de graphique du Ministère (rectangle en rouge)


Les Sociétés Savantes du Grand Paris en dialogue avec la société vers une nouvelle mission d'humanisme


Une Société de Neurosciences pour le Grand Paris 


Une grande occasion approche: La Semaine du Cerveau du 14 au 20 mars 





Posted 2016-03-02

As non-Schengen area country former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (fYROM) closes borders, and relocations to other countries are pending,

Greece becomes overwhelmed by refugees and faces imminent humanitarian crisis according to the UN



UN News Centre @UN_News_Centre

#UNHCR warns of imminent humanitarian crisis in Greece - #SyriaCrisis



2016-03-01: EU Commission's new Emergency Assistance instrument for faster crisis response within the EU



New Emergency Assistance instrument for faster crisis response within the EU:!Kd37fp #RefugeeCrisis







Posted 2016-02-29:

On Syria Cessation of Hostilities


  • UN Syria Crisis Operations Centre at Geneva

  • US Hydna Coordination Team in Washington D.C. | US Syria Embassy Damascus       US Syria Coordination center in Amman, Jordan

  • Russia Syria Reconciliation Center at Hmeymim airbase (near Latakia)






Posted 2016-02-29:


#RareDiseaseDay: Valuable human models of gene/protein function

e.g. leptin (obesity) mouse model affects 2.1 billion people. Link



What causes the symptoms of the common cold?

Also what can we learn from the common cold about psychological and psychiatric conditions? (or conditions like psychological fatigue and chronic fatigue)




2016-02-28: Irina Kolesnikova au ballet-féerie Casse-Noisette

Excellente Irina Kolesnikova au ballet-féerie Casse Noisette avec les ballets de Saint Petersburg au ThéâtreChampsElysées Opéra. (Livret basé sur l'adaptation d' un compte de E.T.A. Hoffmann par Dumas). Musique de Tchaïkovski. #Confiturembourg


Source: Facebook d'Irina Kolesnikova


irina kolesnikova en auroreSource


Irina Kolesnikova, Saint-Pétersbourg Ballet ThéâtreSource




Posted 2016-02-26:


Physical forces in the brain

"Kuhl told me, “A lot of people are trying to understand the biology, chemistry, and electricity of the brain, but nobody was really looking at the physical forces in the brain.”"

"Developing Brains Fold Like Crumpled Paper to Get Their Convolutions" via Scientific American explaining Science study


Brain folding different in autism - explained by CNRS


(related: brain folding alterations in schizophrenia)




Syria: towards the Cessation of Hostilities #CoH#سوريا referred as "hydna" in Arabic for "truce/armistice"


Thursday’s ISSG humanitarian task force meeting and progress report


ISSG ceasefire task force to convene today to discuss the modalities of the ceasefire


UNSC will be video-briefed and a date for resumption of Syrian talks will be announced


J. Egeland: “in a way we have had more diplomatic support the last two weeks in getting access than we probably had through the entire last year.”




Posted 2016-02-25:


Syria: towards Cessation of Hostilities #CoH#سوريا referred as "hydna" in Arabic for "truce/armistice"

Coordination centre by Russia for reconciliation of opposing sides on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic started its work at the Hmeymim airbase


UN Security Council Resolution on Ceasefire to be adopted by Saturday


Free Syrian Army Southern Front requests humanitarian access to Daraya


Humanitarian airdrop to ISIS-siege

(challenging operation could not attain full accuracy) 




What could we prepare (ποιείν=make/do >poetry) ahead of Brain Awareness Week?

"Celebrate Brain Awareness Week!"- La Semaine du Cerveau

14th-22nd March 2016. Link


Tweets on Brain Awareness Week. Link

Columbia University Conference today: "Neuroscience and History Series - Spiritualizing Neurology in the Fin de Siècle"


The role of the Scientific Societies – Le rôle des Sociétés Savantes

Posted 2016-02-23:

Quantum Thinking. Holographic and Holonomic Brain Theory. Link


A report on local experiences. Link

Posted 2016-02-22:


ISSG final arrangements for a cessation of hostilities in Syria concluded today - Call on 

all parties 

Joint Statement of the United States and the Russian Federation, as Co-Chairs of the ISSG, on Cessation of Hostilities in Syria

Statement from Secretary @JohnKerry on Cessation of Hostilities in



Posted 2016-02-19:

Scientists modulate matter waves to carry an artwork image and music piece. Link

Explained (in FR) by French National Center for Scientific Research - Physics Institute

Faire interférer deux ondes quantiques atomiques de fréquences différentes et contrôlées…


Progress report of ISSG humanitarian task force under UN auspices

Work by World Food Programme and Syrian Red Cresent:


5 sieged locations reached (cessation of hostilities allowing)

Plan ready by WFP to reach ISIS-sieged Deir ez-Zor by air

Next phase: Reach remaining besieged areas before ISSG meeting next week


ISSG cessation of hostilities task force meeting pending




Posted 2016-02-18:

"Quantum Physics: Photons paired with phonons"


Shining light on an object: Photons hit object and create phonons (vibratory energy packs) or absorb phonons



Posted 2016-02-17:

Follow up to previous section of Quantum Mechanics on Phonons (and Photons) (beginning of January).

A Phonon-electron interaction: Superconductivity




Posted 2016-02-16:

On everyday common medical conditions: “Computer-screen neck syndrome” Link


Posted 2016-02-12:

ISSG measures for implementation of Resolution 2254:

Establishment of ISSG humanitarian task force and ISSG ceasefire task force

Humanitarian aid on 7 locations (1 by air) to be provided immediately - Ceasefire in a week




Posted 2016-02-11:

Two black holes collided and merged 1.3 billion years ago generating gravitational waves that were detected on earth in September 2015. Link


Image source:


"It is by far the most powerful explosion humans have ever detected except for the big bang"

Einstein predictions are proven to be correct


Alexandra Witze @alexwitze

(You generate #gravitationalwaves when you move; they're just too small for anyone (even #LIGO) to detect.)


The signal detected by LIGO


Posted 2016-02-10:

Cultural Policy and Performing Arts Documentation

French Operas Portal - Lyric and choreographic art


Politique Culturelle FR – Dispositifs culturels. Lien

Portail des Opéras de France - Art lyrique et choréographique.

Interaction avec CultureBox des France Télévisions


Opéra National de Paris – Programme 2016-17. Lien



Theatrical Scenes ("Scenettes") (FR)

Scènes Théâtrales  ("Scenettes") – Camus, Caligula. Lien



Paris presents official logo for 2024 Olympic Games candidacy  #Paris2024Link





Posted 2016-02-09:

In favor of a "New Humanism" Movement, concrete and pedagogical, with examples and analyses. Link


A movement led by the neurosciences, arts, psychology-psychotherapy, spiritualism


Use case: Rumination

  1. Description of situation
  2. Poetry = Making (something of the situation)

Epic (Tell), Lyric (Play instrument and sing), Dramatic=Act

Literature – Sense and Sensibility example

  1. Neurosciences providing mechanism of human soul/consciousness
  2. Psychology-Psychotherapy
  3. Spiritualism – Meditation (and a theatrical game)


"Les scénettes" de P. Charoy et I. Risselard :

Jeu théâtral sur la posture préparatif à la méditation. Lien


The tragic instant of the human existence: Nobody understands me, nobody helps me




Posted 2016-02-05:

#SupportSyrians London Conference





UN Geneva retweeted:

$10 bn - largest amount raised in a day for a humanitarian crisis at #London #SupportSyrians Conference



via @guardian : "Russian bombs triggering mass Aleppo exodus, Syria conference told"

Link to article



Davutoğlu said: “Ten thousand new refugees are waiting in front of the door of Kilis [a border province in southern Turkey] because of air bombardments and attacks against Aleppo.


“Sixty to seventy thousand people in the camps in north Aleppo are moving towards Turkey. My mind is not now in London but on our border – how to relocate these new people coming from Syria?” he said. “Three hundred thousand people living in Aleppo are ready to move towards Turkey.”

Syrians make their way to the Esselame border gate


Declaration on #protection, #SyrianRefugees & political transition from co-hosts of the @SupportSyrians conference:

Posted 2016-02-04:


Infographic tweeted by UN Geneva

Embedded image permalink

(Archive Link)


Morocco launches world's largest solar plant and starts construction of another two plants

(solar plant at the edge of Sahara desert below)


Retweeted by UN Climate Action:

Congratulations Morocco to world's largest #solar plant #CleanEnergy


The Noor I Concentrated Solar Power plant, shown on Thursday, is the first phase of a large solar thermal power plant that is intended to supply more than a million Moroccans with electricity.


(Archive Link)


Posted 2016-02-04:


UN Geneva @UNGeneva

UN #Syria Envoy Staffan de Mistura decides to bring #SyriaTalks to a temporary pause, and to reconvene in Geneva on 25 February 2016.



.@UN mediator suspends #SyriaTalks for three weeks



Statement by the @UN Special Envoy for #Syria Staffan de Mistura on the #SyriaTalks, made 3 February in Geneva -



World Cancer Day

(Tweet by @WHO)

Embedded image permalink



Posted 2016-02-03:

Natura 2000: An EU environmental network of protected sites

"Efficient & Effective #Natura2000 is invaluable.

It provides us with: Powerful legislation, flexibility and a strong network".


In the frame of the Fitness Check of the EU Nature Directives (Feb 2014-Spring 2016)

EU Commissioner for Environment on 2016-02-02:

"Today is an important day for biodiversity in the @Europarl_EN"

Adoption of resolution on the Mid-term review of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020




Movie #Seasons, #Les Saisons, funded by the EU, filmed at Natura2000 sites


"Our thirst for the absolute can not be quenched. It needs a field of adventure at the measure of its immensity."


Embedded image permalink





La gestion du réseau « Natura2000 » en France (Politique Ecologique). Lien


Le seul site "Natura 2000" urbain en Europe : Seine-Saint-Denis. Lien



Posted 2016-02-02:

#WorldWetlandsDay #WetlandsForOurFuture


Lakes, rivers, coastal wetlands (estuaries, mangroves, coral reefs)

Man-made wetlands: fishponds, rice paddies and salt pans



World Wetlands Day 2016: "Providing more than a billion livelihoods"


The Convention on Wetlands - The Ramsar Convention | Ramsar, Iran (1971-02-02)

Number of Contracting Parties: 169




Posted 2016-02-01:


Civil Protection Policy (fire fighting, extreme weather, field hospitals)

2016-01-29: French Civil Protection Day

Future European center for aerial rescue & forest fire fighting #Nîmes


Politique de #ProtectionCivile | 2016-01-29: Journée consacrée à la Protection Civile

"La future base de#SecuriteCivile à #Nîmes"




Embedded image permalink



Christos Stylianides ‏@StylianidesEU  Jan 29

Impressive #French field hospital. Contributing to international life saving operations across the globe.

Embedded image permalink


Embedded image permalink


Posted 2016-01-30:


Syrian Opposition confirms that it will attend peace talks. Link


Posted 2016-01-29 (updated 17:40 CET):


Syrian Opposition requests implementation of humanitarian clauses of resolution 2254 (bombardments-sieges) ahead of peace talks and sends letter to Secretary General for an update on the matter. Link



UK Foreign Office on the fall of al-Sheikh Miskeen


26 Jan 2016

UK Special Rep for #Syria's statement on the fall of al-Sheikh Miskeen to regime forces & #Russia-n/#Asad offensive.

Embedded image permalink

UK Foreign Office provides update


What does the Syrian Opposition Higher Negotiations Committee want? #PeaceForSyria

Embedded image permalink



TSI's Candidate Tracker is updated with on the latest #Syria policy from recent debates: 

Embedded image permalink




Posted 2016-01-28:

French Cultural Policy and French International Policy - Cultural Diplomacy

Ministry of Foreign Affairs via its operator, the Institut Français:

"To offer a scene for the international flow of ideas to which France adheres so"


"The Demand/Expectation of Meaning"

"Among art, science and spirituality", which forms is the demand/expectation for meaning going to take?


Conference: "What Spirituality?"


On meaning: I am in need of something but I do not know what it is.

S.B.Diagne, Professor at Columbia University: "We need to find a source of beauty and a witness: either another person, or me, or God".


Politique Culturelle et Politique Internationale – Diplomatie Culturelle

Ministère des Affaires Étrangères via son opérateur, l'Institut Français:

"Offrir une scène à la circulation internationale des idées à laquelle la France est tant attachée". Lien


#NuitdesIdées : Les frontières, la citoyenneté, la diversité, la santé, les ressources, la spiritualité


« Entre art, science et spiritualité, quelles formes prendra dans l’avenir l’exigence de sens ? »

Conférence : Quelle spiritualité ?


Le sens : J’ai besoin de quelque chose mais je ne sais pas quoi exactement.

S.B.Diagne « Il nous faut une source de beauté et un témoin; soit une autre personne, soit moi, soit Dieu »





Posted 2016-01-27:

Holocaust, the 6 million Jews Genocide. Link



Posted 2016-01-26:

French Health Policy - National Days of Health Innovation (2016-01-23&24)

Politique de la Santé


Journées Nationales de l'#InnovationSanté 2016-01-23&24

Stands, conférences, wiki-radio, speed-dating animé, café santé, ateliers. Lien

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink



Embedded image permalink

Posted 2016-01-25:
French Policy for Social Affairs and Health - "The Helpers" - "I help my elderly neighbour-parent" - How is the law created?

Politique des Affaires Sociales et de la Santé


"J'aide mon voisin âgé, mon parent âgé"

Les aidants (Les aidants proches - les proches aidants) 

En leur absence les dépenses de l’Etat s’estiment à 164 milliards d' Euros


Comment se fait la loi ?





Invitations for #SyriaTalks issued tomorrow.

Parties are invited to proximity talks starting on 2016-01-29 with three objectives: 

Constitution, Governance, Elections


Parallelly: Cease-fire, Humanitarian aid


Constitution: Could we continue from the constitutional reform by the Syrian government in the beginning of 2012 in response to the Syrian uprising?



“To start from the Parliament. The parliament should not be viewed as an appendage to the regime. It is important that the parliament is seen as credible and legitimate."

Staffan #DeMistura #SyriaTalks Press Conference TODAY 3:00 PM Geneva | 9:00 PM


New York


UN #Syria Envoy to give a press conf on the #SyriaTalks 3pm today Watch live from @UNGeneva:


Embedded image permalink


Posted 2016-01-22:

De Mistura requests consultation for clarification of resolution 2254 to issue invitations for opposition/attendees of Syrian talks. Link


As De Mistura has trouble with issuing invitations for attendees of Syrian talks -  since parties “question the UN discretion in “finalising” the opposition list” -  Council/ISSG consultation is requested for clarification of resolution 2254 concerning the Riyadh proceedings.


Should the High Negotiations Committee, established by Riyadh meeting,  be “THE” opposition delegation?


“Other Syrians, who did not attend or were not invited to the Riyadh meeting in December, speak to their right to be invited simultaneously and on equal footing, and are supported by some ISSG members in this.”



Modus operandi of talks

Also introduces the notion of “proximity talks” (as opposed to direct talks and all people around the same table).

Planned modus operandi: "plenaries, bi/trilats, caucus meetings, proximity talks"


2016-01-22: Request for help - Remote induction of common cold & head skin cramps. Link


I am an individual experiencing remotely induced routines. This day I suffer from induction of the common cold going off and on from time to time as well as head skin cramps.

If someone can help me, would it be possible to send an email to

Thank you



Posted 2016-01-21:

Cyprus: peace deal within a year?


Cyprus could be on the brink of a historic peace deal, the divided island's leaders said in Davos today. It would bring to an end what has been described as one of the world’s most intractable ethnic disputes.

The island has been divided since 1974, when Turkish forces invaded the north. They were responding to an Athens-backed military coup. The border dividing the island’s Greek and Turkish inhabitants, called the “Green Line”, is patrolled by UN peacekeeping troops.


Ban Ki-moon hosts Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders for a working lunch on sidelines of #WEF16.

Embedded image permalink




 European Commission Retweeted

Embedded image permalink



Posted 2016-01-20:



Speech of the French Minister of Culture and Communication on the occasion of the 2016 wishes ceremony.

The three mouvements of Cultural Policy in France: Democratization, Renewal, Independence and Pluralism of the Media.

Large National Debate on Cultural Policy to be launched in spring.


Discours de Fleur Pellerin prononcé à l’occasion de la présentation des vœux, à Paris, le 20 janvier 2016


Les trois mouvements de la politique culturelle de France: démocratisation, renouvellement, indépendance et pluralisme des médias 

Un grand débat au printemps avec les Assises territoriales de la Culture



Embedded image permalink


Embedded image permalink



Posted 2016-01-19:



Martin Kobler Congratulates Libyans & Presidency Council, Urges House of Reps. to swiftly Convene, Endorse New Govt.…


 EU External Action Retweeted

Encouraging news from #Libya. EU ready to support

Martin Kobler @KoblerSRSG
I congratulate Libyan people & Presidency Council on formation of Govt. of National Accord. I urge HoR to promptly convene, endorse the Govt
51 retweets42 likes


Behavioural States - Mental States

Motivation, Reward, Curiosity (& link to Boredom)

Uncertainty-Seeking, Seeking despite Uncertainty



Martin Luther King Day : "Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream" (via @MIT). Link (Idea leaders)


The French "College/Group of  Diversity" by the Ministry of Culture and Communication: Measuring democratisation of access to cultural and artistic education and practices. Link (Idea fora)


Posted 2016-01-18:


"The currents furnished by them have proved an ideal tonic for the human nerve system (...) allay all kinds of suffering and save annually thousands of lives.

Leaders in the profession have assured me that I have done more for humanity by this medical treatment than all my other discoveries and inventions."


N. Tesla invents what would become a standardized physiotherapy practice termed diathermy. Link



The soirées of N.Tesla at his lab in South Fifth Avenue, New York, with guests such as Mark Twain, J.P. Morgan, J.D. Rockefeller etc. His lectures in London and Paris.


See original image

Twain on the left, Tesla on the right.



Physical Therapy Modalities - Diathermy via the US FDA. Link


2016-01-16: #IranDeal #ImplementationDay. Link


Health Information Resources. Link

Medline Plus by the US National Library of Medicine: Health Information for the general public


All in one place, free of charge, no ads: @medlineplus features 950+ health topics:



 Pinned Tweet

MedlinePlus has joined Facebook! Like us to see updates on health and wellness information: 

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Architect Rem Koolhaas (on CharlieShow last

Friday) will open the "Night of Ideas" [FR] organized in Paris by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Institut Français de Paris


 Institut français Retweeted



Contre la suppression de l’émission 30 Millions d’Amis

Frédéric Vitoux : « L’émission 30 Millions d’Amis m’est chère »



Posted 2016-01-15


“The duty of comedy is to correct men by amusing them.” — #Molière, born today in





15 janvier 1622 : naissance de Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, dit #Molière. Objets et tableaux à découvrir à la @ComedieFr




Mental States | Boredom and its correlation with many mental states


"We are establishing boredom as a testable construct"


via @NatureNews 




"Why boredom is anything but boring"


"Implicated in everything from traumatic brain injury to learning ability, boredom has


become extremely interesting to scientists."



"After his head trauma, he “complained bitterly that he was just — bored. “There was no hint of apathy about it at all,” says Danckert. “It was deeply frustrating and unsatisfying for him to be deeply bored by things he used to love.” “


"researchers such as Eastwood are intent on finding better ways to understand what boredom is and why it is correlated to so many other mental states."


"We are establishing boredom as a testable construct"


"Even when it is not very pleasant, apparently, novelty is better than monotony."



Architecture - Aesthetics | Tonight at Bloomberg TV Europe 23.00 CET | Tonight at PBS

Tonight on @PBS: Rem Koolhaas, the architect behind the CCTV in China and Casa da Musica in Portugal, for the hour


Tonight, architect Rem Koolhaas explains the design philosophy that allowed him to resist a singular aesthetic:


Embedded image permalink



2016-01-15: As New Ebola case is reported in Sierra Leone, WHO continues to stress risk of more flare-ups. Link


2016-01-14: As last patient in Liberia tests negative, World Health Organization declares  end of Ebola transmission in Liberia and moves to management of residual risk of new infections - flare-ups. Link

EU welcomes declaration and will continue to support affected countries

President Obama statement on Twitter


Posted 2016-01-14/updated:


Meeting of #EU HR/VP @FedericaMog with the chairman of Syrian High Negotiations Committee…


via ScienceMag: "The history of migraines and a promising new treatment". Link 


The Paris "Night of Ideas" (FR) by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Institut Français de Paris. (Link)

Entrée libre - inscription obligatoire


La #NuitDesIdées organisée par @francediplo et @IFParis au Quai d'Orsay le 27/01 >



Embedded image permalink


Update on Cancer Initiative implementation led by the U.S. Vice President. Link

14 Jan 2016

That moment when @POTUS asked @VP Biden to lead the charge in curing cancer. #SOTU

Embedded image permalink


(Note: J.Biden lost his son from cancer in 2015)


Posted 2016-01-13 / Updated 19:40 CET

2016-01-12: Cancer Initiative implementation led by the U.S. Vice President announced at President's Obama 2016 State of the Union Address. Link




Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) & #SOTU


 Mental Health NIMH Retweeted

Congress rises to cheer about support for #NIH and #PMINetwork. We are deeply grateful, and promise to be good stewards of this trust. #SOTU


Missed our live coverage of science in the #SOTU by @lmorello_dc? Catch up on Storify:


via France Diplomatie: Meeting of P5 (UNSC) in Geneva for Syria peace talks today.

via US State Department: US delegation travels to Geneva this week


via @BrookingsDoha: #India may be able to have an impact on peace efforts in #Syria

Brookings retweeted
BrookingsDoha's avatar

#India may be able to have an impact on peace efforts in #Syria, writes @KPethiyagoda:


Embedded image permalink

Elyx at "Seeds" Show in Paris. Link


Seeds, The show with #Elyx starts tonight !!! What a Great pleasure to work with Such tale… 

Embedded image permalink

On the role of national television.



"La chaine info de @Francetele doit avoir une vraie valeur ajoutée, je pense qu'il y a de la place" @fleurpellerin

Embedded image permalink

Human and Environmental Microbiome Initiatives - US federally funded: A snapshot and assessement. Link


NNIH NCCIH retweeted
NIHDirector's avatar

Great assessment of US microbiome research in @NatureMicrobiol by @NIHprevents&others w/ #NIH as top Fed funder @59%


Article note: "All authors are federal employees and the preparation of this manuscript was done as part of their official duties."


via FT: Investors look to India as next solar power.


EU issues first green bond of 2016

UN Environment @UNEP | Read: EU issues first #green bond of 2016. More: via @Climate_Action_

Texas renewables

"The Power to Choose" or "The Power, to Choose" : Choosing electricity power plans among different renewable energy providers. The Texas paradigm on the occasion of this tweet:
The Climate Group @ClimateGroupTexas is the number 1 US state for wind power - & now solar is about to soar too @dallasnews 

2016-01-11. Siege of Madaya, Syria: Humanitarian emergency. Aid arrives today. 

UN - OCHA Syria - World Food Program, International Red Cross - Syria Red Crescent, EU



2016-01-11 12:53 PM CET

1st convoy of #EU funded aid to #Madaya #Foah & #Kefraya is on its way. We must prevent more starvation&suffering.

UN Geneva retweeted
OCHA_Syria's avatar

#UN supported humanitarian convoy on the way to reach people in #Madaya #Foah #Kafraya #Syria together w @ICRC #SARC

Embedded image permalink

Joint convoy with @SYRedCrescent @UN to #Madaya, Foua & Kefraya includes food, medical supplies & blankets. #Syria

Embedded image permalink
Syrian Coalition retweeted
garethbayley's avatar

Aid reportedly due to #Madaya #Foah #Kafraya today. Access to almost 400,000 ppl in besieged areas in #Syria vital to relieve suffering.







Medical Thermography. Thermographic Atlas of the Human Body. Link

@NIH_NCCIH quoting @US_FDA: #Thermogram not substitute for #Mammogram but adjunctive

On the need of a Human Biofield Mapping Project for 2016 (e.g. related to #NIH_SPARC & DARPA's #ElectRx)

The big biomedical projects of our time (link - updated) including the #PrecisionMedicine Initiative (link) announced in January 2015.


@HumanBrainProj  (EU)





#ElectRx @DARPA



[ICYMI] 2015-01-02

What does the human body emit as a 37C black body? Infrared electromagnetic radiation-mainly 10μm (Link)

Embedded image permalink



[ICYMI] 2015-12-27

Energy Field Medicine: Towards the Electromagnetic Signatures of Diseases



[ICYMI] 2015-01-02

Thermal (Electromagnetic) radiation emitted by the Human Body. Link

Why is it warmer in the office when there are a lot of people around? Because each of us emits a significant number of watts of thermal radiation. 




Should be Geoengineer Climate and Weather? Rain and Snow Augmentation; Hurricane Modification


Conspiracy theories : HAARP ionosphere heating and ELF waves (3-30Hz similar to brain frequency), GWEN and Ground Waves




Patents of Mind Control and Behavioral Modification Technology

Featured Patent: "Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves"

EEG cloning (heterodyning): Obtaining a mind’s unique brainwave pattern (signature)– Copying it onto the brain of another person




Why happiness comes with age (article in French)

Pourquoi le bonheur vient avec les années via Cerveau et Psycho Link


des personnes âgées heureuses



On Happiness: In search of the "we love you is you".

In search of the "well-done", the "praise" according to Alexandrian Greek poet Cavafy.



Returning to Cavafian Alexandria, Egypt




EU's Banking Union

1st January 2016: Single Resolution Mechanism comes into effect. Link


EU’s Banking Union: Establishing confidence in banks in support of EU economy growth; preventing global economic crises


ECB is now single responsible party for resolving bank problems via EU bank common fund.


Deposits up to €100.000 are now guaranteed by the ECB via the EU bank common fund. Measure that prevents panic mass withdrawals




A cultural axis emerges in Athens, Greece:

1. National Museum of Contemporary Art - 2. Onassis Cultural Center 

3. Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center 




On the need of a Human Biofield Mapping Project for 2016 (e.g. related to #NIH_SPARC)


The big biomedical projects of our time (link), including the #PrecisionMedicine Initiative (link) announced in January 2015.




Quantum mechanics

Max Planck assumes discreetness and uses “quanta” to obtain a valid equation for matter thermal radiation.

Quantum: ("quantus"= "how much") discrete energetic quantities, packs of energy


Phonon, a pack of mechanical/vibrational energy or a sound wave pack.

Photon, a pack of electromagnetic energy e.g. a light wave pack.



Matter is traversed by vibrational/sound wave packs, phonons, due to atom vibrations. Link

Matter emitts electromagnetic wave packs, photons, due to charged particles of (vibrating) atoms.




Featured tweets for 2016 

#Syria peace talks to begin 25 January 2016 in Geneva. Find out more: 

(inlcudes quoted tweet)



@KoblerSRSG in Tripoli: My firm goal: convince all Libyans to join #LibyanPoliticalAgreement. Looking forward to more visits & discussions



UNSMIL @UNSMILibya 2016-01-01

Kobler from #Tripoli: 5 principles guide the way :LPA as basis, UN-facilitation, inclusiveness, peaceful transfer of power, Libyan ownership



Featured tweet for 2015 (tweeted before COP21)

If #COP21 delivers, humanity will finally reconcile econ, social & env objectives into one #climate project …



NIMH and New Year Resolutions: Exploring Psychotherapy. Link

Posted 2015-12-27:

"The Thoughts That Cure" via @cerveauetpsycho (FR):

In search of mind training mechanisms against stress, pain, depression. 

Complementary therapeutic approaches or mind-body practices such as meditation, neurofeedback, hypnosis, music therapy, EMDR


Les pensées qui soignent



"Ten Neuroscience Discoveries in 2015 that change how we think about the brain"

via @ckbergland for Psychology Today @PsychToday

I compiled this Psychology Today year-end recap. @Stanford research on the #Cerebellum and #Creativity was #1.




Posted 2015-12-25:

Season's Greetings

Merry Christmas! 

Christmas rose or "Helleborus niger", an impressive winter flowering plant. Link



christmas rose

Christmas Rose, Helleborus niger


Helleborus sp.



Posted 2015-12-22:

Cognitive Neuroscience of Language


Quoting study co-authored by Human Brain Project French boss:

“On reading the sentence “the kids who exhausted their parents slept”, how do we decide that it is the kids who slept and not the parents? “

("Ce matin les enfants qui épuisaient leurs parents dormaient.")

Which brain areas light up during the decision?



Our latest article: A subset of language areas is specifically activated during the manipulation of syntactic trees


Notre article d'IRM sur la manipulation des arbres syntaxiques est paru, juste à temps pour mon cours au @cdf1530 ! 


Posted 2015-12-21:

2015-12-18: "Security Council Unanimously Adopts Resolution 2254 (2015), Endorsing Road Map for Peace Process in Syria, Setting Timetable for Talks". Link


Magnetotherapy: Instead of having a morphine injection for intense pain, determine the magnetic pattern that stimulates release of an equivalent dose of endogenous opioids

e.g. 1s of  5 x 10 μT every 4s for 20 min 



On the possibility of human brain access by "electromagnetic induction of fundamental algorithms" Link


Posted 2015-12-18:

2015-12-17: Signing of the Libyan Political Agreement - Government of National Accord. Link


Posted 2015-12-18:

via Reuters | Riyadh conference: R.Hijab, who was appointed prime minister by Assad in June 2012 but defected two months later, was elected to head Syrian opposition in talks. Link

(tweet by Syria Deeply) 


Posted 2015-12-17:

Friday: Meeting of the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) followed by a UN Security Council Meeting on Syria. 


Headaches: related mechanisms are electrical defects in proteins channels (migraine), vasculature mechanical impact, inflammation, muscle contraction (tension), traction. Link


From the National Headache Foundation for the US:



Free online lectures from the (U.S.) National Center for Complementary and Integrative


health. Link



View free online in-depth lectures by leading researchers on topics in complementary medicine research



Posted 2015-12-16:

Media Twitter chat on Back Pain hosted/promoted by the NIH

moderated by ABC News Chief Health/Medical Editor

hosted/promoted by

(U.S.) National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke @NINDSnews and

(U.S.) National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health @NIH_NCCIH




Otoacoustic emissions: a standard auditory test 

Human sonar: The ear not only receives sound but also emits faint sounds at frequencies that are characteristic for each person (biometric feature)




Posted 2015-12-15:

2015-12-15: Analyses on the "Conference of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces"



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2015-12-11: "Ceasefire in Homs has great value in showing a nationwide truce in Syria is possible". Link

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Posted 2015-12-14:

Magnetoreception: A magnetic sensor exists in our eyes - Pineal gland crystals - Magnetite crystals in our brain. Link


Newly discovered 'biocompass' protein complex may explain how animals sense magnetic fields

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2015-12-12: The Conference of the Parties adopts the Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Link


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Posted 2015-12-11:

  • Riyadh 2015-12-10 agreement: Syrian political opposition and rebel groups unite to create 32-member representative committee for peace talks. Link
  • COP21 works continue until Saturday: New text on Saturday 9.00am. Link


A l'occasion des élections régionales françaises de 2015:

  • Le Grand Paris - Αgglomération parisienne

  • Port Seine-Métropole Ouest

  • "Paris, Rouen, Le Havre, une seule ville dont la Seine est la grande rue." (Bonaparte) - Seine Métropole : Les grands principes du projet





Posted 2015-12-10:


From the European Political Strategy Center, the EU in-house think tank

EPSC @ECThinkTank   Dec 1

If #COP21 delivers, humanity will finally reconcile econ, social & env objectives into one #climate project…


Cognitive neuroscience researcher Prof. M. Persinger suggests that Schumann resonance shows real-time coherence with brain resonance (brain waves)



Michael Persinger.jpg



Why we feel tired and out of focus (longer reaction time) when a thunderstorm is approaching (reduction of Schumann resonance micropulsations)






Posted 2015-12-09:

COP21 2015-12-09: New draft agreement distributed to 196 participants. Link


Schumann Waves - Solar activity - Earth magnetic field


Humans evolved in a resonant cavity with an electromagnetic spring of 7.8 cycles per second (Hz) made of lightning energy. Is there a correlation with the 8Hz alpha rhythm of the human brain?




Earth's Harmony (Harmonics):


Global Coherence Research GCMS Boulder Creek magnetometers


via the HeartMath Institute: "Want to listen to the earth’s resonances? This three-minute audio file  is data collected from GCI’s magnetic sensor in Boulder Creek."



Posted 2015-12-08:


The Global Coherence Initiative: Effect of the Earth’s magnetic fields and energetic systems on Humans. Link

via the HeartMath Institute



Resonance - Resonance frequencies or Harmonics. Link

Ἁρμονία – Harmony – “Binding” well together as in “Blending well” together in a coherent sum



COP21 2015/12/08: LPAA Focus on Innovation. Link



At #COP21, govts & private sector commit to increase R&D for low-carbon technologies #LPAA

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Posted 2015-12-07:

COP21 2015/12/07: LPAA Focus on Renewable Energy.



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C40 Mayors Summit 2015-12-04

 Anne Hidalgo Retweeted


Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris - Michael R. Bloomberg, UN SG Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change (Former Mayor of New York)


(Paris City Hall)



Gait Analysis: Walk/Move Analysis. A valuable tool against pain and injury which also contributes in effort reduction. Link


NCCIH -The Science of Mind and Body Therapies

Using “biomechanics, force platforms and high speed cameras” to quantify movement in Yoga. Link





Posted 2015-12-04:

The Human Body Innervation Mapping Project by the NIH

"Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions" - The SPARC Initiative -#NIH_SPARC

(US$248-million budget)




Mapping Innervation of Major Internal Organs – #NIH_SPARC Funding Opportunities Available!


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COP21 DAY 5 - 2015/12/03

LPAA Focus on Private Finance and Pollutants


Embedded image permalink


Private Finance:




Posted 2015-12-03:

COP21 DAY 4 - 2015/12/03 Link

LPAA Focus on Transport and Buildings. 

Ocean Day

Companies committing to #ActOnClimate

Comment on negotiations: "A long term goal, a deal on finance, a ratchet mechanism, rules"


We Mean Business ‏@WMBtweets

.@RoyalSegolene launches global call for tender to create #electric vehicle under €7K, charging time of 30mins, 500km autonomy @COP21 #LPAA




Spread the word: 154 major American companies are committing to #ActOnClimate  #COP21

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Posted 2015-12-02:

2015-12-02 (COP21 Day3): EU announces Circular Economy Package. Link

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COP21 DAY 3 - 2015/12/02
Lima-Paris Action Agenda (LPAA) Focus on Resilience:

Water & Oceans, Vulnerability & People



(UN Climate Action ‏@UNFCCC  2015-12-02)

Pictures from the COP21 art event 1Heart 1Tree (on the occasion of the COP21 Focus on Forests). Link


Posted 2015-12-01:

COP21 DAY 2: Lima-Paris Action Agenda (LPAA) Focus on Forests and Agriculture



(UN Climate Action ‏@UNFCCC  2015-12-01)


Previously posted by (August 2015):


Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) 

is one of the most cost-effective ways for lowering greenhouse gas emissions


Placing CO2 from air back in the ecological cycle

Forestry sector, mainly through deforestation, is the second largest source of greenhouse emissions after the energy sector


Global initiative: REDD+ framework (inaugurated by COPs)

UN initiative for developping countries: UN-REDD


REDD+ contributions (EU, US etc). Link

Green Financing, Finance for land-use mitigation and adaptation. Link




Updated 2015-12-01:

Posted 2015-11-30:

COP21 DAY 1 - 2015/11/30


#COP21 "family picture" with ~150 Heads of State and Government

Embedded image permalink


Prelude to COP21: Eiffel Tower lighting event with 1Heart1Tree. Link

With the participation of the UN Secretary General and the Chief of the Amazon Forest


Posted 2015-11-27:

"Tous les rendez-vous de la COP21" - "All the rendez-vous of the COP21" []






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Posted 2015-11-26:

100 years of General Relativity



Masses create dips in the space-time fabric which act as trajectories


A theory necessary for a 10km correction of a GPS signal: The spacetime of a satellite is less warped by the Earth's mass than the spacetime on the surface of the Earth


A graphic showing how General Relativity is vital for GPS to be effective.



CERN photography competition


Life at CERN

(Image: CERN/Robert Hradil)


"This conversation in the CERN restaurant, captured by Robert Hradil, represents the link between the past and the present. The photograph illustrates the transfer of knowledge between generations of scientists."





Posted 2015-11-24:


The Energy of the Vacuum

"Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature: Tesla's Science of Energy"

Quoting the title of a book by Thomas Valone - Link to Google books


Nikola Tesla in front of the spiral coil of his high-frequency transformer in New York.

Nikola Tesla in front of the spiral coil of his high-frequency transformer in New York


Quantum Vacuum, source of Energy and Wonder

Lecture by Michel Spiro, Former President of the CERN Council 2010- January 2013 (highest authority of this institution).



Le Vide Quantique, source d'Énergie et de l' Émerveillement


Image result for Michel Spiro

Picture of M.Spiro from a different event.




M. Onfray, famous French contemporary philosopher.





Posted 2015-11-23:

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COP starts 1st December 2015. Link


Posted 2015-11-20:

Idea Stock Exchange 

Paris Idea Exchange 21st November event

at the "Museum of Man (Human)":

Idea Exchange via non-institutional, alternative channels, "Book a specialist", #COP21


Looking up at a computerized stocks-value board at the Philippine Stock Exchange(source: wikipedia)

On Becoming Earthlings 
150 Dialogues and Exercises in Shrinking and Expanding the Human

Venue: Musée de l’Homme, Paris




Formats narratifs de médiation de la connaissance 

Obtenir la connaissance de façon non-institutionnel:

Réserver un spécialiste sur un marché non-officiel


Échangeons le “Savoir Utile” et le “Non Savoir” à un marché (forum, agora)

Le "Non Savoir": "cette idée que nous sommes tous les dépositaires de formes de savoirs et d’expériences qu’une mise en paroles va permettre de faire émerger"





#Paris   #Solidarité

Accompagnement psychologique


Lycéens, étudiants, vous pouvez avoir besoin de parler. Nos équipes sont là #NousSommesUnis cc @LLG75005 @CVL_JF

(Document de trois pages - extrait copié ci-dessus)




Posted 2015-11-19:

2015-11-18: J. Kerry statement corcerning the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) 2nd meeting (from OAC briefing)





#Paris   #Solidarité

"Paris est une fête" d'Ernest Hemingway "connaît un grand regain de popularité"



#AttentatsParis On s'arrache "@Paris est une fête" d'Ernest Hemingway dans les #librairies >


Embedded image permalink


"Une partie de l'émission littéraire "La grande librairie", diffusée jeudi sur France 5, sera consacrée à "Paris est une fête" (The Moveable Feast), publié en 1964 (...)"


Photo du site officiel de l'emission  (lien ci-dessous):






Posted 2015-11-18:

#Paris   #Solidarité


to Tweets posted 2015-11-17 & 2015-11-18



#Paris   #Solidarité

EU External Action Retweeted 2015-11-14

#SyriaTalksVienna concluded. Process has started, EU will do its part in support of UN to implement decisions taken. Next meeting in #Paris



Posted 2015-11-18:


2015-11-14: Second Meeting of the "International Syria Support Group" (ISSG)    #SyriaTalksVienna



Upon regime and opposition successful engagement in discussions with the purpose of taking Syria to elections via a transitional/caretaker government,


a UN nationwide ceasefire will be established, guaranteed by the UN Security Council permanent members and other ISSG members.


Next meeting to be held in Paris



 EU External Action Retweeted

At #SyriaTalksVienna. Most countries around table experience terrorist attacks: best answer is uniting & delivering

Embedded image permalink



2015-11-14: J.Kerry delivers speech in French in solidarity to France at Press Conference following ISSG meeting


See @JohnKerry's press conference w/ Russian FM Lavrov & UN Special Envoy de Mistura after ISSG meeting on #Syria.→ 



(screen capture from video below)




Posted 2015-11-17: 

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Chat at 7.00pm CET (Paris time) - 1.00pm ET

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (#PTSD): How to recognize it and what to do about it. Join the #abcDrBchat TODAY at 1PM ET. Share your story.





Posted 2015-11-17: 

France invokes collective defence article 42.7 of the EU treaty and receives full support


Excert from!Tg73dQ:

The article 42.5 reads as follows:

"If a Member State is the victim of armed aggression on its territory, the other Member States shall have towards it an obligation of aid and assistance by all the means in their power, in accordance with Article 51 of the United Nations Charter. (...)"

(end of excerpt)


Note: Article 5 of the NATO treaty was invoked for the first time after the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US. Following this invocation, European NATO allies were flying air defence missions over New York and Washington.



Posted 2015-11-17: 




Secretary @JohnKerry's remarks after his meeting today with #France's President @fhollande:

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 Department of State Retweeted

Tonight we lit up @USEmbassyFrance in bleu, blanc, & rouge. #USavecvous

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Posted 2015-11-16: 

#Paris   #Solidarité 

Link (Excerpts below):

Toutes nos pensées et notre solidarité avec la France et les Français.!ht69BB  #Paris

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L'Europe solidaire avec la France #NousSommesUnis #Paris #solidarité


Embedded image permalink 

 Pinned Tweet

"Les attentats de #Paris sont une attaque contre l'Europe dans son ensemble." @MargSchinas #NousSommesUnis 

Point presse 16/11/2015

A la suite de la minute de silence tenue à 12h heure de Paris, Margaritis Schinas, chef porte-parole revient sur les attentats de Paris.


















Posted 2015-11-13:

As COP21 approaches, let’s talk about ecology and “the Taxonomy of the Species”.

Will you be editing “Taxonomy of Species” resources such as the Wikipedia-like collaborative effort of “The Encyclopedia of Life”? Link




UN Environment ‏@UNEP retweeted 2015-10-29

Several iconic #bird species uplisted to higher threat category:  @BirdLife_News

(note: one of the two pictures shown) 

Embedded image permalink
UN Environment @UNEP
Week in #wildlife photos: whales & sleeping otters:  via @guardian

?Jack Perks/REX Shutterstock  

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Posted 2015-11-12:


Forum CNRS  13&14/11 Paris La Sorbonne 

(Centre National de Recherche Scientifique - French National Center for Scientific Research)



CNRS Retweeted



COP21 and social media. Link

France Diplomatie ‏@francediplo  Nov 6

Engagez-vous pour la #COP21 en changeant votre photo de couverture sur les réseaux sociaux !

(Note: appuyer sur lien pour les photos)



(Selected pictures below)


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Posted 2015-11-10:

Piezoelectricity: Pressing crystals such as cane sugar and quartz leads to generation of electricity. Link

First demonstration by the Curie brothers

Applications: Quartz clocks, SoNAR, Medical Ultrasound, Energy generation by weight of cars and pedestrians etc.

Piezoelectric biological structures: Collagen, enamel, pineal gland crystals



Posted 2015-11-09:

Focused Ultrasound (FUS) for nervous system pathologies: stimulate/suppress neuron activity or eliminate brain cells that cause disease (e.g. depression or tremor). Link


FUSFoundation ‏@FUSFoundation Oct 1

Focused ultrasound is in the news for #depression & #parkinsons trials, but how does it work? …

Embedded image permalink



Kimberly's back on her bike after focused ultrasound treatment for Parkinson's dyskinesia …

Embedded image permalink



Posted 2015-11-06:


Human Body Communication (HBC): Wireless technology that uses the human body as part of the communication channel. 

In support of medical applications such as the camera-pill which replaces painful gastrointestinal diagnosis with tubing and provides excellent results.

Wireless communication via the human body: The IEEE 802.15.6 standard

Body Area Networks (BAN)


Posted 2015-11-05:

“24 hours with our glands” - “How our hormones influence us”. Link


“How our hormones influence us”

Group of articles by Alexandra Boqaert, Marine Cygler et Gaëlle Renouvel

From the French magazine « Ça m'intéresse » no 404 October 2014 published by Prisma Media





EU Autumn Economic Forecast. Link

press release: Autumn Economic Forecast: Moderate recovery despite challenges!hx46WW  #ecforecast

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Posted 2015-11-05:

Al-Azhar University (Cairo, Egypt): "Sunni Islam’s most prestigious university". Link





Posted 2015-11-04:


2015-11-03 | Speech by F. Mogherini at Cairo University: "Europe and the Arab youth". Link



Cairo University President Honors Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign… 






The vote of Syrians living abroad could determine the outcome of elections. Link

(AFP via @Annahar - tweet by F. Balanche)

(cf.article 7 of joint statement of "Special contact group for peace in Syria" - Link)

Balanche @FabriceBalanche 2015-11-03

Le vote des Syriens de l'étranger, un piège pour Damas - An-Nahar via @Annahar


Posted 2015-11-03:

EU-Egypt Natural Gas Project. Link

#Egypt Natural Gas Project "1st of many agreements we can sign in the future" @FedericaMog!xm69mp

Embedded image permalink

Nabil Elaraby‏@lassecgen 2015-11-03

H.E.Ms .Federica Mogheriniاستقبل د.نبيل العربى

الممثل الاعلى للشئون الخارجية فى الاتحاد


 EU External Action Retweeted

#Egypt @FedericaMog to students at Cairo University: don't let anyone use your age against you. It's your strength

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2015-10-29. Algeria book fair: France as guest of honor. Link

#SILA2015 Salon du livre d'#Alger : la France invitée d'honneur #FPellerinAlger #FranceSILA

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2015-11-03: €62 million in humanitarian aid by the EU to support Syrians displaced inside the country. Link

European Commission @EU_Commission 2015-11-03

€62 million in humanitarian aid to support Syrians displaced inside the country… #Syria

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Paulo Coehlo, UN Messenger of Peace, meets UN Secretary General. Link


UN Spokesperson ‏@UN_Spokesperson 2015-11-02

@UN Messenger of Peace @paulocoelho presents #UNSG Ban Ki-moon with a special signed edition of the Alchemist 

Embedded image permalink


Updated 2015-11-02:

2015-10-30: #SyriaTalks in Vienna, Austria with the participation of UN, EU, US, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other regional and international players. Link

F. Mogherini: "There is hope for a political process to start under the UN auspices".


U.S. Embassy Vienna@usembvienna  7:24 PM - 30 Oct 2015

Secretary @JohnKerry in Vienna, Austria: press availability with @UN #Syria Envoy de Mistura and #Russia FM Lavrov

Embedded image permalink


Department of State@StateDept 12:07 AM - 31 Oct 2015

.@JohnKerry provides remarks about #Syria with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and UN Special Envoy de Mistura. 


EU External Action ‏@eu_eeas 30 Oct 2015

Final declaration on the results of the #SyriaTalks in Vienna as agreed by participants … #Syria


"Pursuant to the 2012 Geneva Communique and U.N. Security Council Resolution 2118, the participants invited the U.N. to convene representatives of the Government of Syria and the Syrian opposition for a political process leading to credible, inclusive, non-sectarian governance, followed by a new constitution and elections.  These elections must be administered under U.N. supervision to the satisfaction of the governance and to the highest international standards of transparency and accountability, free and fair, with all Syrians, including the diaspora, eligible to participate."



EU External Action @eu_eeas 6:23pm · 30 Oct 2015

"There is hope for a political process to start under the UN" @FedericaMog #SyriaTalks!GB38gT


EU External Action ‏@eu_eeas 5:59pm · 30 Oct 2015

VIDEO @FedericaMog after #SyriaTalks "we have enough common ground to start @UN led political process"


Federica Mogherini ‏@FedericaMog 5:36pm · 30 Oct 2015

8 hours of substantial #SyriaTalks in Vienna. Difficult but constructive: we have enough common ground to start UN led political process


Sabrina Bellosi @sabellosi 5:39pm · 30 Oct 2015

#SyriaTalks @FedericaMog Enough common ground to launch a political process under UN auspices



2015-10-30 | Syria analysis: The position of the Syrian president and "the total lack of rule of law to restrain the four secret police services", "the fearsome security apparatus of Syria" (Military Intelligence Directorate, Air Force Intelligence etc). Link

by Robert S. Ford | Senior Fellow - The Middle East Institute


Tweeted by the @MiddleEastInst



“Those who think that just replacing Assad with another figure, even a neutral one, should end the fighting aren't thinking about that security apparatus and the total lack of rule of law to restrain it.”


A man reacts as he looks at some of Caesar’s photographs, at the UN in New York.

Article from The Guardian

"A man reacts as he looks at some of Caesar’s photographs, at the UN in New York. Photograph: Lucas Jackson/Reuters"


Syrian Coalition retweeted 2015-10-30

UK Against ISIL ‏@UKAgainstISIL: 80k Moderate Armed Opposition fighters oppose #Assad and #ISIL in #Syria. What does armed and moderate mean? Link




2015-10-30: #SyriaTalks in Vienna, Austria with the participation of UN, EU, US, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other regional and international players. Link


Picture tweeted by @sabellosi
Embedded image permalink



2015-10-30: New agreement EU-Human Brain Project signed today. Link

Taking €1-billion @HumanBrainProj into next phase. New agreement signed today  #Brain #H2020



Pinned Tweet

The @HumanBrainProj and the @EU_Commission achieve a key milestone signing the @EU_H2020 Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA)




2015-10-29: #WorldStrokeDay  #StrokeChat 


6pm CET (Central European Time) - 1pm ET

#StrokeChat from (US) National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke 




It’s #WorldStrokeDay. Join us TODAY at 1pmET for a chat about how to reduce your stroke risk! #StrokeChat

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Image from tweet by
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How does the brain repair itself after stroke? GDF10 is a key trigger 

Embedded image permalink

NHS Choices ‏@NHSChoices (UK National Health Service) tweeted this link on #WorldStrokeDay (note: head bump with vessel illustration effect)

Stroke Mechanism Animation


journée mondiale de l’accident vasculaire cérébral #AVC 

Embedded image permalink

(US) National Institute for Mental Health #NIMHchats


2015-10-28: Sports-related Head Injury and Cognitive Decline. Link

Athletes can experience long-term effects of head injuries. Join the discussion TODAY at 2pm #NIMHchats


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Chat to be archived here:



RT @NINDSnews Learn more about #concussions at #CDCHeadsup  #NIMHchats

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2015-10-29: #NationalCatDayLink

"When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade without further introduction." ― Mark Twain #NationalCatDay

Embedded image permalink


Posted 2015-10-28:

A protocol for installing a positive thought over a trauma - Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). Link


EU: Boosting the #SingleMarket

Boosting the #SingleMarket: allowing people, services, goods & capital to move more freely!Bj79jh

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Permalien de l'image intégrée

Youth Forum

Highlights from Day 2 of #YouthForum where everything is done by & for #youth


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#Elyx is at @Unesco for 9th #YouthForum in @Paris


#Elyx is at @Unesco for 9th #YouthForum in @Paris

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Psychology Today retweeted 2015-10-28


Great info here: How youth can become conscientious creators of their own futures by @DrPriceMitchell @PsychToday

Photo published for Teaching for Career and Life Success





"I come to you from #Palestine, the land of prophets and religions, relaying a message of hope and tolerance" President Abbas @UN_HRC


"Fear must be eclipsed by wisdom. Lasting peace must be obtained" UN Human Rights leader Zeid on Israel & Palestine


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Arrived in Paris to meet w/ key partners on Syria crisis, continuing work in support of a political transition.



Posted 2015-10-26:

International Psychoanalytical Association. Link

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy can help depressed patients where other treatments fail. 

This may activate a beneficial process of psychological growth with a lasting gain in resilience."


"Healing from one’s traumas" Link

Interview of Jean Sandretto by Stephanie Alix


"The traumatism had disappeared at that session; it was still there, active; even after 30 years of analysis, it hadn’t been settled. When there is a traumatism, the conscience disassociates from itself, meaning that it is cut in two."



#UNSG welcomes commitment to restore calm at holy sites in #Jerusalem 

Embedded image permalink


#InvestEU - over €1 billion of equity investments for #SMEs and #startups since January!up34Nv 

Embedded image permalink

Infographie : le partenariat franco-algérien au service du développement éco et de l’emploi 


Embedded image permalink




Human Brain Project French boss meets Samuel Beckett’s “Melodizer” at a Neuroscience Lecture at the Philharmony in Paris. Link


Stanislas Dehane Lecture at the Philharmony

"The music of the brain. Thinking noise?"


EU External Action ‏@eu_eeas 2 hil y a 2 heures

Final declaration on the results of the #SyriaTalks in Vienna as agreed by participants … #Syria

  1. Pursuant to the 2012 Geneva Communique and U.N. Security Council Resolution 2118, the participants invited the U.N. to convene representatives of the Government of Syria and the Syrian opposition for a political process leading to credible, inclusive, non-sectarian governance, followed by a new constitution and elections.  These elections must be administered under U.N. supervision to the satisfaction of the governance and to the highest international standards of transparency and accountability, free and fair, with all Syrians, including the diaspora, eligible to participate




Pascal Dusapin



Posted 2015-10-23:

Psychoanalysis as the base of an important art movement. Link


“The young poet Empeirikos was lucky to meet Rene Laforgue, founding member and first president of the Psychoanalytical Society of Paris, which had just been founded at that time”. 




The Arthur Rimbaud Museum

Arthur Rimbaud's  "Alchemy of the Verb": "I was flattering myself to invent a poetic verb accessible, one day or the other, to all the senses."

Alchimie du verbe: "Je me flattai d'inventer un verbe poétique accessible, un jour ou l'autre, à tous les sens."


Réouverture du musée Arthur #Rimbaud entièrement rénové à Charleville-Mézières @Culturebox > 






Posted 2015-10-22:

"Philippines: Elyx learns about not losing heart in the face of adversity"




"Elyx helps cadets in Manila on their way to becoming maritime professionals!"






Photography: Four women portraits - Exhibition "Women Photographers" (Paris, France)


top left: Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879), Mrs Herbert Duckworth, 12 avril 1867 Paris, BnF, Estampes et photographies

top right: Madame Yevonde (1893-1975), Portrait de Joan Maude, 1932 Vivex colour print, Londres, National Portrait Gallery

bottom left: Frances Benjamin Johnston (1864-1952), Autoportrait dans l’atelier, vers 1896 Washington D.C., Library of Congress

bottom right: Dorothea Lange (1895-1965), Human Erosion in California (Migrant mother), Munchner Stadtmuseum, Munich



Posted 2015-10-21:

Pathway to $100bn emerging ahead of COP21

Pathway to $100bn emerging ahead of Paris #climate summit. Read more: #COP21



"A section detailing what assistance poorer countries will require to invest in green energy and protect communities against climate impacts had swelled from 12 paragraphs to 2.5 pages."


Oxfam’s Jan Kowalzig: “Now it has everything it needs… all the essential pieces… clinging on to every paragraph."


John Kerry: “The road through Paris is paved through investment decisions we are going to make this week,” he said.


"Still, as Bangladesh scientist Saleemul Huq observed on Climate Home, most banks want a return on their investments. They’re more likely to get that from a clean energy plant than a sea wall."


"This is a problem many hope Paris will solve. One new addition to the text under debate in Bonn stipulates that 50% of all funding flows should be for adaptation."



The importance of adaptation funding - Climate change impacts in Philippines

Implications for insurance



Sylvie Guillem receives prestigious art award

Sylvie Guillem reçoit le #PremiumImperiale, l'un des prix les plus prestigieux au monde >

Embedded image permalink


Bravo à la ballerine S. Guillem et à l'architecte D.Perrault lauréats du #PraemiumImperiale à Tokyo #FiersdelaFrance

Embedded image permalink




Civil Society and the Future of Syria

Civil Society and the Future of Syria



"It is not easy to pay attention to a young woman attorney trying to organize Syria’s lawyers as barrel bombs fall, hostages get beheaded, and the country empties itself of terrified, desperate people. It is easy to become persuaded that others trying to educate an otherwise lost generation are spitting into the wind, or that dedicated people providing the kindling for independent media are engaged in a fool’s errand."


"There are, to be sure, Syrian civil society assistance programs managed by various agencies of Western governments.(...)"



Balanche @FabriceBalanche  2015-10-21
Geneve 3 ou plutot Moscou 1 se prepare

BREAKING: Moscow says Russia, US, Turkish, Saudi foreign ministers to meet Friday about Syria.




"Secretary-General remarks at joint press conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas"

Ramallah, 21 October 2015

UN_Spokesperson's avatarUN Spokesperson @UN_Spokesperson 2015-10-21

Urgent challenge to stop current wave of violence -Ban Ki-moon press conf w Palestinian Pres



"Erithrea's unreported tyranny"

“While Syrians are fleeing an obviously terrible and documented civil war, Eritreans are fleeing abuses which to the rest of the world are largely invisible because of the regime’s secretiveness,”




UN Digital Ambassador Elyx at Lebanon

UN in Brussels@UNinBrussels

.@Elyxyak participates to the #UN70 Day with @lebanonun in #Lebanon! More at:  #Elyx70Days


Pictures from above link:

Syrian children are happy to welcome Elyx! (Photo Credit: UNHCR) 


Elyx falls in love with the historical heritage of the city of Anjar (Photo Credit: UNESCO)



Posted 2015-10-20:

UN Secretary General  is travelling to Israel and Palestine

UN_Spokesperson's avatar

#UNSG Ban Ki-moon is travelling to Israel and Palestine in an effort to help defuse tensions. Read more:

Ban Ki-moon lands in Tel Aviv to start visit to Israel and Palestine.


2:04pm · 20 Oct 2015 · Twitter for iPhone

Israel, ישראל



"EU stands by its climate committments and its policies work"

European Union is on track towards meeting and overachieving its 2020 target for reducing greenhouse emissions by 24% 
Report published today by the European Environment Agency (EEA)
"These results speak for themselves: Europe succeeded in cutting emissions by 23% between 1990 and 2014 while the European economy grew by 46% over the same period. We have shown consistently that climate protection and economic growth go hand in hand. This is a strong signal ahead of the Paris climate conference that Europe stands by its commitments and that our climate and energy policies work. 
European Commission @EU_Commission



Climate protection & economic growth go hand in hand-"Trends and projections in Europe 2015"!cJ34xB 


Permalien de l'image intégrée


US recognises EU system to control animal diseases

New status:

"In the US Federal Register notice, the US Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) recognises any EU region that the EU or any EU Member State has placed under restriction because of ASF. In so doing, the US APHIS recognises the EU as a single entity with a single animal health legislation, veterinary oversight and disease control programmes. The significance of this notice is that, rather than carrying out its own assessment, the US will accept EU decisions regarding regions affected by ASF."



European Commission@EU_Commission

We welcome US move to recognise EU system to control animal diseases!WT98yB  @V_Andriukaitis


Permalien de l'image intégrée





Posted 2015-10-19:

"Literature records our greatest triumphs and failures and entreats us to use creative thinking and imagination in all our endeavors."

The Big Read Program of the (US) National Endowment for the Arts. Link

"[Literature] contains the soul of humanity." -- @7StagesATL  #NEABigRead #arts4US

"Ultimately it was our goal to connect everyday life to the creative process..." --@7StagesATL  #NEABigRead #arts4



Adoption Day of the #IranDeal

Adoption Day of the #IranDeal - Find out more here!Qb74GH


Adoption of Iran deal


Bonn #ADP2: Last meeting ahead of #COP21

Bonn #ADP2: Last meeting ahead of #COP21. EU press conference at 12:00CET:



Permalien de l'image intégrée




Crucial last round of UN climate talks before #COP21 begin today. We must improve draft text



Posted 2015-10-16:

Being Cosmopolitan and the "global soul". Link

P. Holdengraber:  As a teenager I was fascinated by the Vienna of my parents’s childhood, a city in which art, music, and literature mattered and where, as Stefan Zweig wrote, “every citizen became supranational, cosmopolitan, a citizen of the world”.


Major Cultural Foundations: EU – Creative EuropeNat'l Endow Arts (US)British CouncilInstitut françaisGoethe instituteOnassis Foundation



EU-Creative Europe. Link


Embedded image permalink


Excerpt from Tweet:

Creative Europe ‏@europe_creative 2015-10-16

Is #transmedia #storytelling the new reading format?


The magic of digital in transmedia storytelling


The digital era, a new age of humanity

/ With the Amercian vision by Richard Nash,

/ and the European vision by one other European Digital Champion under investigation + and EMMA (European Magazine Media Assocociation) representative 



Posted 2015-10-15:


UN Geneva Retweeted



UN Geneva Retweeted 2015-10-14

Impressive overview of work of Int Criminal #Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia at briefing by @ICTYnews Prosecutor

Embedded image permalink

EU Energy Interconnection: "First gas interconnector Poland – Lithuania ends energy isolation of the Baltic States". Link


President Juncker: "Today's signature is about European solidarity. (…) Today we have done much more than bringing the energy isolation of the Baltic States to an end. We have brought the region further together. Today we have agreed on European infrastructure that will unite us, instead of dividing us."



Posted 2015-10-14:

2015-10-14: EU Trade Strategy announced (#Trade4All). Link


2015-10-13: EU launches trade negotiations with Tunisia (#EUTradeTN). Link


Happy & proud to meet w brave #NobelPeacePrize recipients from #Tunisia's vibrant civil society - UTICA, UGTT & LTDH


2015-10-12: Russia-Ukraine agreement on the new Gas Winter package 2015/2016-03 (mediated by the EU) - In accordance with Minsk Declaration of 12 February. Link

EU, Russia, Ukraine Trade Talks for Blueprint generation in October. Link


2015-10-05: EU ratification of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Trade Facilitation Agreement. Link


Posted 2015-10-13:

EU invests €16 billion in funding for research and innovation over next two years. Link




Posted 2015-10-12:

The Cartography of the Brain. Link

"It takes the world to understand the brain" via ScienceMag

EU’s “Human Brain Project” and US “BRAIN” Initiative #BRAINi


EU and US Brain-mapping projects have joined forces. Link



Excerpt from White House Infographic:

"The Human Genome Project demonstrates the potential impact that ambitions research programs like the BRAIN initiative can have. From 1998-2003, the Federal Government invested $3.8 billion in the Human Genome Project, which has since generated an economic output of $796 billion – a return of $141 for every $1 invested."


Updated 2015-10-12:

"Blue Brain Project, simulation core of Human Brain Project, announces results of a decade's work". Link


Model available at this portal:

(Graphical as well as video abstract available)

Video abstract:



2015-10-09: 2015 Nobel Prize for Peace awarded to four civil society organizations of Tunisia

(Union of Labor, of Industry-Commerce-Handicrafts, of Human Rights, of Lawyers)

for facilitating dialogue between political parties, authorities and citizens



(The importance of civil society organizations such as Labor Unions - Syndicates etc)


UN Geneva retweeted


The Nobel Prize @NobelPrize


BREAKING NEWS The 2015 Peace #NobelPrize is awarded to the National Dialogue Quartet in Tunisia



Proposal of nominees for the Presidency Council of the Libyan Government of National Accord. Link




UNSMIL ‏@UNSMILibya 2015-10-09

Names of Libyan Government of National Accord Proposed: Excerpts from Leon’s presser in Skhirat, 08 October 2015: …




UNSMIL @UNSMILibya 2015-10-09

#UNSG Ban Ki-moon welcomes nominees proposal for Presidency Council of #Libya's Government of National Accord:…




Updated 2015-10-09:


Quantifying the services of the ecosystems. Link


UN Environment ‏@UNEP 2015-10-09

How Much Is Our #Environment Worth? Read the new op-ed from UNEP ED @ASteiner in @TIME 


Posted 2015-10-08:


A Cartography of Exercise with 1000 molecular mechanisms has been released

An Exercise Molecular Blueprint

Today's metro paper Direct matin cites a scientific study on the molecular mechanisms of exercise.


Quartz article - excerpts:

"We’ve created an exercise blueprint that lays the foundation for future treatments, and the end goal is to mimic the effects of exercise"





Posted 2015-10-07:

Brain-Computer Interfaces: From correcting paralysis and blindness to Brain Bros Gamers and "brain to brain" hello sent from India to France. Link


Horizon 2020 is the EU's Research and Innovation funding programme for 2014-2020
EU's large scale research initiatives: Graphene, Human Brain Project
Other projects: Brain/Neural Computer Interaction (BNCI - Horizon 2020)



Posted 2015-10-05:

The ear is a frequency analyser: frequencies falling onto different points of a lane depending on its mechanical properties. Link


Assad: there can be no reforms in Syria until “terrorism” has been vanquished (WP). Link



Syrian Government Detains Domestic Political Opposition Leader Who Criticised Russian Strikes (AFP). Link


Posted 2015-10-02:

15 suggestions francetvinfo for Nuit Blanche Paris 2015 - links to COP21

Tweet from the French Ministry of Culture


Posted 2015-10-01:


Analyses on Syria - In search of historic precedents to mediate conflict resolution. Link
"Making Bosnia Work: A Report From the Field"

Foreign Affairs - Essay - 1998 - by Charles G. Boyd


Interview of Emmanuel Laurentin, radio producer of “La Fabrique de l’Histoire” (The Fabrica of History) at "France Culture" Radio (National French Radio). Link

"The linear B code was deciphered by a Royal Air Force pilot."


France Culture Papiers (In French) - The Journal of a series of Radio-Shows. Link


"After ruinous war, Syria regions may go separate ways". Link

AP - 2015-09-30 - by Z. Karam and D. Perry


"Initial Russian Strikes in Syria Are Not Targeting ISIS" by F. Balanche. Link


Posted 2015-09-30:

Analyses on Syria Link

"Propose Syria peace plan immediately and start its debate"

Interview of Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Link


Posted 2015-09-29:

Analysis on Syria. Link

Posted 2015-09-25:


25th September-6th November: United Nations General Assembly (#UNGA) Link

25th-27th September: Sustainable Development Summit 2015 Link

Adoption of the United Nations program for the next 15 years (2015-2030) on Sustainable Development (following the expiration of the previous one).




Friends of the Syrian People (Friends of Syria): group of up to 130 countries convening on Syria. Link

(created when a Syria-related resolution was blocked by veto at the UN Security Council)



Jason Reed/Reuters


1945-2015: 70 Years of the United Nations


Kofi Annan on why the UN Security Council should be reformed. Link

via Guardian: "There are five permanent members who were the the second world war's principal victors (...)"

The Security Council consists of fifteen members. The great powers that were the victors of World War IIRussia, the United KingdomFranceChina, and the United States—serve as the body's five permanent members.


Posted 2015-09-23:

US Secretary of State and Russian Foreign Minister meetings with Syrian Coalition President, Khaled Khoja (April - August 2015). Link


Posted 2015-09-23:

France Diplomatie retweeted

Annick Girardin @AnnickGirardin

"These Members of Parliament are between 26 and 40 years old and represent the new political generation of Tunisia."


France Diplomatie retweeted

Annick Girardin @AnnickGirardin

Ces député-e-s ont entre 26 et 40 ans et incarnent la nouvelle génération politique tunisienne. #personnalitésdavenir

Posted 2015-09-22:

UNSMIL ‏@UNSMILibya  2015-09-21

16 hours ago

Leon: Final Text of #LibyanPoliticalAgreement Ready; Candidates for Government After Eid:



2015-09-22: UN briefing on UN-facilitated Syrian dialogue. Link


2015-09-19/21: J. Kerry meets UK Foreign Secretary and German Foreign Minister - Remarks on Syria from press availability. Link


2015-09-19/20: President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, in preparation of the 23rd September EuroCouncil, visits Egypt and Jordan, including Za'atari camp. Commends Jordan's generosity. Link


UN-facilitated Syrian dialogue 2015-09-18: De Mistura meets the Syrian Coalition (opposition). Link

June 2015: Syrian opposition blocs unite over common roadmap.

(Draft agreement Feb 2015). 


President Hollande meets Syrian Coalition President in March 2015. Link




PEACE 2015-09-21: International Day of Peace. Link

SYRIA 2015-09-18: On the strategic importance of Syria for Russia. Link

SYRIA 2015-09-18:Media need to stand by the UN-facilitated Syrian dialogue which is in progress (backed up by the UN Security Council on 2015-08-17). Link

2015-09-17: De Mistura met with Syria's Foreign Minister Walid Muallem during his sixth visit to Damascus

2015-09-17: De Mistura met with Syria's main domestic opposition figure Hassan Abdel-Azim 

2015-03-03: Message of main figure of Syria’s domestic opposition, Abdul Azim, to US Special Envoy for Syria, Daniel Rubinstein


SYRIA Reposted - First post on 15-02-19: Interview of Ribal al-Assad, prodemocracy campaigner in Syria, director of the “Organisation for Democracy and Freedom in Syria” 

by Oksana Boyko (Worlds Apart, RT). Link

SYRIA 2015-09-16: Russia's position on Syria - Analysis by Brookings Institute. Link

DEMOCRACY 2015-09-15: International Day of Democracy | 2015: "Space for Civil Society". Link

EU 2015-07-20: EU launches new Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy 2015-2019. Link

SYRIA 2015-09-15: The Syria-Jordan border empty industrial zone, fully equipped, minutes from the largest refugee camp in Jordan:

the place where "a future Syrian economy could be incubated, providing both an income and an incentive to stay for millions of displaced people." Link

NYT's S. Hilton, citing Oxford Economist P. Collier 

SYRIA 2015-09-08: Excerpts from articles on Syria politics and diplomacy. Link

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-09-07: ADP2.10 Bonn climate meeting completed, agreement text to be drafted. Link

HUMANITARIAN 2015-09-06:Tweets on the Refugee Crisis. Link


CLIMATE ACTION 2015-09-05: (At the last part of his Alaska Travelogue (Day 3 in Alaska), President Obama cites his December 2014 action of withdrawing oil and gas drilling leases from Bristol Bay Alaska.) 2014-12-16: "President Obama Protects Alaska’s Bristol Bay From Future Oil and Gas Drilling". Link

DEVELOPMENT  2015-09-04: (UN transmitted 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to 193 world leaders for endorsement on 2015-09-02) #GlobalGoals (Sustainable Development Goals) campaign launched at the UN. Link

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-09-03: Philippe Cousteau's speech at the UN on Climate Action and the Arctic and his CNN Documentary on the Arctic. Link

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-09-03: President Obama's Alaska Travelogue

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-09-03: Jean-Louis Etienne, one of the most experienced Arctic and Antarctic explorers. Link

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-09-03: Arctic oil drilling. Link

CLIMATE ACTION  2015-09-02: The Arctic, earth’s natural air-conditioner, in danger: ice cap decreased by 1/6 since 2012. The GLACIER Conference. Link 

DEVELOPMENT 2015-09-02: UN transmits 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to 193 world leaders for endorsement. Link

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-09-01: The Arctic : Earth's natural air-conditioner. The GLACIER Conference. Link



NEUROSCIENCE 2015-09-01:Affective neuroscience and the psychology of well-being

“The Reward Circuit: How the Brain Responds to Natural Rewards and Drugs of Abuse”. Link

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-09-01: When climate action is urgently required and developing countries do not have the economic means to take action by themselves. COP21 challenge: #ClimateFinance Package for developing countries 

Immense market opportunities in developing countries. Link

CHINA 2015-08-27: 2015 IMF report on China: "China’s transition to a ‘new normal’, characterized by slower yet safer and higher-quality growth" (Excerpts from the report) The Third Plenum Reform Blueprint Link

CHINA 2015-08-26: Excerpts from the 2015 IMF report on China. Link

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-08-24 | US Action on Renewables: Innovation funding ($1 billion in loans for commercialisation and $24 million for solar research grants) and household financing (PACE) among others. Link




FRANCE BUSINESS 2015-08-25: 1st economic speed dating at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The 1ambassador 1businessman initiative. Link



#1ambassadeur1entrepreneur : des échanges personnalisés entre notre réseau diplomatique et les entreprises françaises



Photo tweeted by: Arnaud Albou ‏@alboua  (Hashtag #1ambassadeur1entrepreneur

Embedded image permalink




EGYPT 2015-08-24: #EgyptConnects - Egypt launches Ministry of Foreign Affairs Blog. Link

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-08-24: May 2015 - China-India talks on Climate Change. Link

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-08-24: "Environmental Policy Dialogue Between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Ministry of the Environment of Japan". Link



CLIMATE ACTION 2015-08-21: Statement by the EU’s "climate boss" on the occasion of the 100 days to COP21. Link

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-08-21: Climate Actors: Islamic Leaders Declaration on Climate Change. Link

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-08-21: "Germany and Brazil join forces on climate change action" via Reuters. Link

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-08-21: Latin America Climate Action. Link

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-08-21: Analysis by New Climate Economy: "India: Pathways to Sustaining Rapid Development in a New Climate Economy". Link

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-08-21: January 2015 - US-India negotiations on a five-year MOU on Energy Security, Clean Energy and Climate Change. Link


GREECE 2015-08-20: Greece repays ECB.

GREECE 2015-08-20: ESM Program for Greece / 2015-08-19. Link:

European Commission signs ESM Program for Greece

European Commission publishes "Social Impact Assessment" for ESM Program for Greece

German and Dutch Parliament vote in favour of ESM Program for Greece.


CLIMATE ACTION 2015-08-20: REDD+ contributions (EU, US etc). Link

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-08-20: Green Financing, Finance for land-use mitigation and adaptation. Link


HUMANITARIAN 2015-08-19 -World Humanitarian Day. #ShareHumanity Link

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-08-18:Placing CO2 back in the ecological cycle | Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) is one of the most cost-effective ways for lowering greenhouse gas emissions (Deforestation is 2nd GHG cause after energy sector). Link

Global initiative: REDD+  UN initiative: UN-REDD

NATURE UN Environmental Program (UNEP) and Biodiversity. Link

NATURE US Nature and Biodiversity - Marine Sanctuaries. Link

SYRIA 2015-08-17: UN Security Council backs De Mistura Plan on UN-led Syrian dialogue working groups  Link

Issues: 1. Protection 2. Political and Legal 3. Counterterrorism 4. Services Continuity and Reconstruction


SYRIA 2015-08-17: Statements on the Market Bombing in Douma, Syria  Link

NATURE 2015-08-17: Nature and Biodiversity - EU (Link) and US (Link).

SYRIA 2015-08-17: Syrian coalition refers to precedent of UN/NATO no-fly zones established following the Sarajevo marketplace bombing. Link

SYRIA 2015-08-16: One of the worst single day attacks since the beginning of the Syrian conflict occurred on 2015-08-16, as Syrian air force struck crowded market at Damascus suburb, Douma. Link


LIBYA 2015-08-17: UN, EU, Arab League offer their support to the Libyan people. Link

LIBYA 2015-08-17: Two-Day Libyan Political Dialogue Round Concludes in Geneva, 12 August 2015. Link

GREECE 2015-08-14: Greece is granted an 3-year ESM programme. Link

BIOLOGY-MEDICINE CULTURE 2015-08-14: The Gregorian Chant as a Therapeutic Approach. Byzantine Music. On the occasion of the 15th August Christian celebration (Assumption). Link

PHYSICS 2015-08-14: Wave Modulation: Placing sound, image or data on an electromagnetic wave (2/2). Frequency Modulation. Link

GREECE 2015-08-14: Greek Parliament ratifies draft agreement for ESM program and votes legislative arrangements for program implementation. Link



PHYSICS Posted 2015-08-13: Wave Modulation: Placing sound, image or data on an electromagnetic wave (1/2). Amplitude modulation. Link

CULTURE Posted 2015-08-13: Creative Europe Programme: Call for 2016 Cooperation Projects published (2015-08-06) Link 


GREECE Posted 2015-08-12: Greece ESM request: Agreement has been reached at technical level (Member State political approval requested) Link

GREECE Posted 2015-08-12: The Niarchos Foundation gives Greece the New Greek National Opera and National Library Buildings, institutional foundations to promote culture. "A versatile world-class cultural center—with international recognition" Link

PHYSICS Posted 2015-08-11: Fourier transform (Link)

PHYSICS Posted 2015-08-10: The first transmitter of radio waves by Hertz (Link). Embedding sound on radio waves: The principle of the microphone (Link).

SYRIA Posted 2015-08-10:

1. "Security Council Unanimously Adopts Resolution 2235 (2015), Establishing Mechanism to Identify Perpetrators Using Chemical Weapons in Syria".  Link

2. Migratory flux from Syria intensifies due to barrel bombs

UNHCR: Number of refugees and migrants arriving in Greece soars 750 per cent over same period in 2014. Link

3. Barrel bombing aiming in destroying hospitals. Link



BIOLOGY-MEDICINE Posted 2015-08-07: TMS against Depression: Accessing electrically the mood circuits to modulate neurotransmitter release


SYRIA Posted 2015-08-07: via RFE/RL & TheDailyStarLebanon:"Iran Offers To Mediate Syrian Conflict, Present UN Peace Plan"-"Iran to submit Syria peace plan to UN" Link

SYRIA Posted 2015-08-06:via NYT: "U.S. and Russia to Back U.N. Resolution to Identify Who Used Chemical Weapons in Syria" Link


BIOLOGY-MEDICINE Posted 2015-08-06: via Scientific American:"How the Gut's "Second Brain" Influences Mood and Well-Being" via Inexloré/INREES:"The Intelligence of the Gut"Link


CLIMATE ACTION Posted 2015-08-05: China's INDC (Intended Nationally Determined Contribution) ahead of COP21 (Conference of 196 Parties of the UNFCCC Treaty) Link

CLIMATE ACTION Posted 2015-08-04: Announcement of US Clean Power Plan – Reducing Carbon Pollution from Power Plants Link

President Obama: “With the Clean Power Plan, by 2030, carbon pollution from power plants will be 32% lower than it was a decade ago.”



2015-08-03 Libya: UNSMIL consulations with GNC on 2015-08-01

2015-08-03 Libya: European Commission ‏@EU_Commission 2015-08-03 @EU_Commission gives €6 million for humanitarian needs in #Libya!wQ48uD  cc @StylianidesEU @eu_echo  Link

2015-08-03 Iran-Iraq-GCC: Brookings Doha ‏@BrookingsDoha: How will the #nucleardeal change #Iran's relationship with the #GCC?  Link

2015-08-03 Syrian conflict: July 2015: "Most intense bombardement since the beginning of the Syrian war" plus intense barrel bombing

2015-08-03 Syrian conflict: Declarations following the Security Council on Syria


2015-07-31: The Cardiac Electromagnetic Field

Reposted 2015-07-31: Energy Field Medicine: Towards the electromagnetic signature of diseases

2015-07-31: Creating and capturing electromagnetic waves

2015-07-31: Kenneth Roth @KenRoth 2015-07-31 With peace prospects remote, UN envoy de Mistura should press to end barrel bombing civilians.

2015-07-31: MiddleEast Institute @MiddleEastInst 2015-07-31 Scham & Peleg: #IranDeal should be used as stepping-stone to reengage region in tackling Israeli-Palestinian conflict




Posted 2015-07-30: Towards a Libyan National Accord Government: Majority of Libyan dialogue participants sign provisional Libyan Political Agreement  - GNC asks for amendments

Posted 2015-07-30: Israel approves construction of housing units in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem against international law

Posted 2015-07-30: EU High Representative visit to Iran following the Iran Deal

Posted 2015-07-30: Meeting of EU High Representative with Saudi Arabian Minister for Foreign Affairs

EU External Action retweeted 2015-07-28:

As she lands in Tehran, @FedericaMog writes in @Guardiancif about other opportunities for peace in the Middle East …

Excerpt:  "Last week Europe’s foreign ministers tasked me with exploring “ways in which the EU could actively promote a more cooperative regional framework” in the wake of the Vienna deal."




2015-07-29: Syrian conflict

A. 2015-07-29: UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Syria

B. Conflict management with safe zones:

  • Addressing the war crime of barrel bombs
  • Containing ISIS
  • Refugee return
  • Train local forces

C. Conflict resolution: The challenge is to build links between a Syrian opposition-in-exile and the self-government at local levels that is taking root in Syria



2015-07-29: Stress Response and Depression

2015-07-28: The Stress Response – The Fight-or-Flight Response: Understanding a mechanism linked to depression



2015-07-27: U.S. Companies "Act on Climate" Pledge

RT the good news: U.S. companies just committed at least $140 billion to #ActOnClimate → 

CLIMATE ACTION Link to page US Companies "Act on Climate" Pledge


2015-07-27: Carbon Pricing - Emission Trading Systems

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-07-27: Energy Union Summer Package: (1 of 3) Revision of EU Emission Trading System (ETS)

CLIMATE ACTION 2015-07-27: USA ETSs | California Cap-and-Trade Program: Towards 80% reduction of emissions until 2050


Carbon pricing is expanding across the globe, according to @WorldBank analysis  #carbonexpo

Embedded image permalink

[EU Commissioner Climate Action & Energy]

Miguel Arias Cañete @MAC_europa

27 May 2015

Carbon markets are emerging all over the world. A shared vision: a global #CO2 price. #COP21 - map by @CarbonBrief

Embedded image permalink


2015-07-27: Greek President Pavlopoulos thanks French President Hollande for support in EuroSummit. Greek citizens send flowers and thank you notes to French embassy for President Holland's support in Eurosummit.

2015-07-27: When Greece activated the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism on 2015-07-17 to request forest firefighting planes, the EU could respond in a matter of hours thanks to France that made available its firefighting planes from the voluntary pool of EU's civil protection assets.

2015-07-27. Towards State efficiency. ECB's B. Cœuré interview in LeMonde: "The programme’s reforms (...) aim to create a modern and fairer fiscal, social and legal framework, and to build an efficient state that is able to intervene in the economy for the common good." | Towards a "European Narrative" for shared objectives and values in the EU.



2015-07-22: InvestEU Plan: Signing of EFSI agreement - All decisions for making the EFSI operational have been finalized

2015-07-23: Greek parliament votes second law proposal related to the EuroSummit agreement (Civil Code, BRRD) (230 in favour, 63 against, 5 present)

2015-07-23: EU Vice President on Energy Union and the UK:  Maroš Šefčovič ‏@MarosSefcovic Jul 23 Brussels, Belgium | When the #EnergyUnion got some #UK touch the result was very 'power'ful! My latest blog:!Nx77Fd 

2015-07-24: Citations on the EU: "The European Union is an unparalleled historical experiment in governance.", "The dream of a post-national, cosmopolitan political community"

2015-07-24: Chairman of NATO International Board of Auditors Charilaos Charisis @CCharisis "One single reform can provide revenue of EUR 8 bn annually": Bank cards versus cash transactions. Article in Greek:

Jyrki Katainen ‏@jyrkikatainen 2015-07-20

Investment plan for Europe: implementation starting this Wednesday (22/07) | 1st #EFSI projects under #investEU


EIBtheEUbank @EIBtheEUbank

#InvestEU is putting our money back to work – for the benefit of all Europeans.Full video at: 

European Commission retweeted 2015-07-16

Jyrki Katainen ‏@jyrkikatainen  Jul 16London, England

I am delighted to hear the #UK announcement of £6bn – nearly €8.5bn - of co-financing for the #EFSI #investEU



Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation for the Environment

Messenger of Peace @LeoDiCaprio's foundation grants $15 million to global conservation efforts, see:  #Action2015



It's #Time2Serve! Take action & inspire change on #MandelaDay & every day. Ideas are here: 


Link to Humanism - TimeToServe


[EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development]

True value & strength of the #Addis Agenda is its comprehensiveness. It combines aid, investment, domestic resources and good policies #FFD3

(Link to press release:!mU68QF)


Third International Conference on Financing for Development  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 13th-16th July (posted 2015-07-18)

United Nations ‏@UN  2015-07-17

This week countries reached historic agreement to generate financing for new sustainable dev agenda  #FFD3 #Action2015




German and Austrian Parliaments vote in favour of ESM funding for Greece (Link to update on ESM request)


Update concerning the greek ESM (European Stability Mechanism) support request


2015-07-17: ESM Board approves "to grant in principle a 3-year ESM stability support to Greece". Negotiations to begin.
2015-07-17: EU Council grants short-term financial assistance to Greece (bridge-financing) of €7.16bn via EFSM
2015-07-17 German Parliament votes in favour of ESM funding for Greece
(439 in favour, 119 against, 40 abstained)

German Parliament voted to support #Greece with great majority. #Bundestag


[Link Bundestag]


2015-07-17 Austian Parliament votes in favour of ESM funding for Greece

[Link Österreichisches Parlament]



2015-07-16: Eurogroup decides "to grant in principle a 3-year ESM stability support to Greece".

2015-07-16: Greek Parliament votes law proposal based on the EuroSummit agreement (229 in favour, 64 against, 6 present)


Assessment of Greece's request for ESM support published by European Commission

  • Funding that actually postpones loans disbursements (€35.9bn) and interest payments (€17.8bn) for three years, total of ~€54bn
  • Bank recapitalisation €25 bn

Short-term financial assistance to Greece (bridge-financing) by the European Commission: Loan of €7 bn

  • It will cover arrears with the IMF and Bank of Greece, as well as ECB July 20th disbursement (€3.5 bn)


"Jobs and Growth Plan for Greece" announced by the European Commission

  • €20 bn from European Structural and Investment Funds as well as €15 bn from Agricultural Funds.


2015-07-15: French Parliament votes in favour of ESM funding for Greece (412 in favour, 69 against)

#DirectAN l'Assemblée s'est prononcée POUR l'accord européen sur #Grece : 412 députés ont voté "pour" ; 69 "contre" et 49 se sont abstenus


2015-07-16: Finnish Parliament votes in favour of ESM funding for Greece (25 lawmaker-committee,16 in favour, 4 against)

Grand Committee approved (votes 16-4, 5 abstentions) government's position: Finland is in favor of opening up ESM negotiations with Greece.


2015-07-14: An Update of IMF Staff’s Preliminary Public Debt Sustainability Analysis for Greece



IRAN Iran's Nuclear Program Agreement (2015-07-14)


2015-07-14: Law proposal with specific measures based on the EuroSummit agreement (as well as the EuroSummit agreement itself) are submitted to the Greek Parliament  


Link to Greek Parliament site and documents


2015-07-13: EuroSummit approves Greece's request for support by the ESM

 EU Council Press and ESM have retweeted:

EuroSummit has unanimously reached agreement. All ready to go for ESM programme for #Greece with serious reforms & financial support


Update link


2015-07-12: EuroSummit starts.

2015-07-11: Eurogroup completed. Assessment and remarks to be transferred to EuroSummit that will follow. (Eurozone's Finance Ministers to Eurozone's Political Leaders)

2015-07-10: via Michel Reijns‏@MichelReijns (spokeperson for Eurogroup President) "Assessment of institutions under Article 13 of the ESM Treaty and initial review of the Greek proposals received bij #Eurogroup, meeting 3pm

2015-07-10: Greek parliament votes law proposal on policy reforms (251 in favour, 38 against, 8 present) and authorizes Prime Minister for further actions

2015-07-09: Policy reforms are submitted to the Greek parliament in law proposal - Request for authorization to conclude the agreement with the creditors

2015-07-09: Greek government delivers policy conditionality (with respect to its ESM request for loan contract) to the Eurogroup (Eurozone Finance Ministers)

2015-07-07: Greek government files for European Stability Mechanism (ESM) support. Policy conditionality to follow

2015-07-06: All greek party political leaders authorize Greek Prime Minister to proceed with policy conditionality that will lead to an agreement





Electromagnetism (2015-07-07)

How can we generate electricity? The notion of static electricity (2015-07-07)



Greek Referendum | Second economic adjustment program and the Greek people response:  It would be left to expire as it did and we would not take advantage of remaining funds. (2015-07-06)

Towards applying for a third economic adjustment program and “less for less”? Such as servicing immediate payment needs? Greek government and EU were already very close to an agreement. (2015-07-06)


Αποσπάσματα από δήλωση του Επιτρόπου Pierre Moscovici για την Ελλάδα (2015-07-03)

Commission en France retweeted 2015-07-03 Pierre Moscovici @pierremoscovici : Pourquoi je souhaite une victoire du oui en #Grèce ! 

***IMF Preliminary Draft Debt Sustainability Analysis for Greece (published by the IMF on 2015-07-02)

EU Cohesion (Regional) Policy (2015-07-03)

EU Cohesion Policy for Greece: National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) for Greece - Εθνικό Στρατηγικό Πλαίσιο Αναφοράς (ΕΣΠΑ) (2015-07-03)


"Culture and creativity are our ultimate renewable resource” says the Director General of UNESCO (2015-07-02)

2ος Πανελλήνιος Διαγωνισμός Καινοτομίας και Νεανικής Επιχειρηματικότητας «ideatree» | tweet από @vimafinance (2015-07-02)

INDCs latest submissions : Canada, Morocco, Ethiopia, Serbia, Iceland, China, Rep.of Korea  - 44 countries have submitted their plans until now (2015-07-02)

Brazil announces reforestation plan (2015-07-02)

EU-China and US-Brazil collaborations on climate change (2015-07-02)


The idea and the manufacturing associated to the idea: “All iPhone parts are produced by independent companies but Apple takes the largest slice of the profit.” (2015-07-01)

New structure for the corporate and investment domain to promote long-term growth (2015-07-01)

US Infrastructure: High-speed rail and Highways (2015-07-01)


Συνέντευξη τύπου του Προέδρου Jean-Claude Junker για την Ελλάδα στις 2015-06-29 (δημοσίευση στις 2015-06-30)

Δημοψήφισμα 2015


The role of Innovation Districts (2015-06-30)

How a higher education institution, like MIT, and an office building for start-ups can shape the economy starting from the local dimension

How Boston's once-isolated seaport is developing into a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship

US Renewable Energy Financing (2015-06-30)


EU Energy: EU releases €550 million for cross-border energy networks (2015-06-30)

EU Digital Market-Telecommunications: EU ends roaming charges on 2017-06-15 and establishes the first EU rules on net neutrality (2015-06-30)

EU Transport : "The largest investment plan ever made by the EU in the transport area" (2015-06-29)

Connecting Europe Facility (CEF): Framework programme fund for Energy, Telecommunications and Transport (2015-06-30)


Transcript of President Jean-Claude Juncker's press conference on Greece (2015-06-29)


“European Commission and European Investment Fund mobilise €500 million for social and micro-entrepreneurs” (2015-06-29)

Ευρωπαϊκή Επιτροπή @EEAthina  Διαθέσιμο το τελευταίο κείμενο της διαπραγμάτευσης μεταξύ Θεσμών και Ελλάδας, μεταφρασμένο στα Ελληνικά  #Greece (2015-06-29)

Jean-Claude Juncker Press Conference on GreeceΕυρωπαϊκή Επιτροπή @EEAthina.@JunckerEU "Θα συζητούσαμε το χρέος, ετοιμάζαμε πακέτο €35 δις για ανάπτυξη." #Greece (2015-06-29)


Renewable Energy Manufacturing (2015-06-28)

European Commission publishes the latest proposals of the three institutions (EC, ECB, IMF) to Greece (June 26th 20.00) (2015-06-28)

Proposals of the Greek government and Proposals of the Creditors which have been presented in Thursday’s Eurogroup (2015-06-26)

Manufacturing Industry - Aligning education and innovation institutions, industry and economic development (2015-06-26)

EU Education and Training: European Alliance for Apprenticeships: 140 000 apprenticeships for young people (2015-06-25)

Day of the Seafarer (2015-06-25)

EU Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) - UK's website for guidance (2015-06-24)

US Community-Led Local Development (CLLD): The “MBK” community program (2015-06-24)

U.S. goods trade and international transportation (2015-06-24)

Investment Sectors in Greece (2015-06-23)

EU's Marine and Maritime Economy (2015-06-22)

Greek Assets: Maritime Industry (2015-06-22)

***What has Greece accomplished in the frame of its Economic Adjustment Program up to 2014? (2015-06-20)

Structural reforms suggested to Greece for instalment release (Economic Adjustment Program) (2015-06-19)

Economic Adjustment Program for Greece - Background (2015-06-19)



EU Education and Training: European Alliance for Apprenticeships: 140 000 apprenticeships for young people (2015-06-25)

Day of the Seafarer (2015-06-25)


EU Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) - UK's website for guidance (2015-06-24)


US Community-Led Local Development (CLLD): The “MBK” community program (2015-06-24)


U.S. goods trade and international transportation (2015-06-24)


Investment Sectors in Greece (2015-06-23)


EU's Marine and Maritime Economy (2015-06-22)

Greek Assets: Maritime Industry (2015-06-22)


What has Greece accomplished in the frame of its Economic Adjustment Program up to 2014? (2015-06-20)


Structural reforms suggested to Greece for instalment release (Economic Adjustment Program) (2015-06-19)


Economic Adjustment Program for Greece - Background (2015-06-19)


e-Vehicle Policy (2015-06-18)


Batteries and electricity (2015-06-18)


Google celebrates 130 years since France offered the Statue of Liberty to the US: (2015-06-17)


#StartUpInADay - US structural reform for starting a business (2015-06-17)


Digital Market Jobs (2015-06-17) updated


Mechanical Waves (2015-06-16)


To give Iraq Sunnis their place in Iraq society (2015-06-14)


EU-Latin America Summit (2015-06-13)


UN reports severe Human Rights Offences for Eritrea (2015-06-12)


Jacques-Yves Cousteau Day (on 2015-06-11)


NordBalt cable finished: Connection of power grids of Nordic countries and Baltic states | High-Voltage Cables (2015-06-11)


Frequency and amplitude of a wave (2015-06-11)


(US) National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health - NCCIH (2015-06-11)


Immunotherapy, a hope for all cancers? (2015-06-10)


Subconscious and Conscious Control of the Immune System (2015-06-10)


"Embedding a higher purpose in doing business" (via NYT) (2015-06-09)


Open-House Event at IRCAM (2015-06-09 update)


Mechanical Waves (2015-06-08)


Mind-Body Medicine (2015-06-05)


After accomplishing a successful restart, “new Physics” started at CERN (2015-06-04 update)


Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine (2015-06-03)


EU-US Digital Market: Transatlantic Cooperation in ICT (2015-06-02)


Interview of Whitney and Pompidou Architect, Renzo Piano, by Charlie Rose (2015-06-02)

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