Posted 2016-05-11

We are bathed in a wave environment (e.g. tv/radio/mobile waves). Could we harness this immense energy?


On the occasion of the DARPA (US Defence Research Agency) Demo Day at the Pentagon and the presentation of its projects as referenced at the following tweet, a past project on Vaccum is cited.


If you're at the #Pentagon tomorrow, visit DARPA Demo Day 1000-1400 in the courtyard.




via Scientific American published in 2009

"Research in a Vacuum: DARPA Tries to Tap Elusive Casimir Effect for Breakthrough Technology"


Investigators from five institutions—Harvard, Yale University, the University of California, Riverside, and two national labs, Argonne and Los Alamos received funding.




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Two #Biology DARPA projects: Microphysiological Systems #MPS and Electrical Prescriptions #ElectRx 



Microphysiological Systems #MPS 


Artist’s concept of the body-on-a-chip system being designed for DARPA by the Draper Laboratory.




Electrical Prescriptions #ElectRx



ElectRx is on! Program to support self-healing w/ modulation of peripheral nervous system. 

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Contracts awarded for DARPA's ElectRx. Teams to map neural circuits, build bio-interfaces. 



Nerve-stimulation technology described by @ScienceNews is the basis of DARPA's ElectRx program. 




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