What provides more powerful and long-lasting happiness?

“money, fun, love, and tacos” or “good-deeds”

e.g. thank you from helping aged friend paint a room



A new study finds that adolescents who derive joy from selfless deeds were less likely to be depressed over time: theatln.tc/1SLuG2G



Which frame of mind does one prefer to feel happy? Enthusiastically-excited or calm and serene ? 



A distinction cited in this article in relation to energy management. 




Why happiness comes with age

(article in French)


Pourquoi le bonheur vient avec les années

via Cerveau et Psycho

Extrait: "En vieillissant, nous devenons généralement de plus en plus heureux, en dépit de pépins physiques plus fréquents. L'explication tiendrait à un phénomène psychologique appelé « effet de positivité ». Les chercheurs en analysent les mécanismes."


des personnes âgées heureuses








On Happiness: In search of the "we love you because...it is you", in search of the "well-done", the "praise"

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