"80k Moderate Armed Opposition fighters oppose #Assad and #ISIL in #Syria. What does armed and moderate mean?"

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80k Moderate Armed Opposition fighters oppose #Assad and #ISIL in #Syria. What does armed and moderate mean?

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The #Syrian armed opposition is not as divided as you think: brook.gs/1hgIZOx pic.twitter.com/6MldmlOO0w


"Contrary to popular opinion, the Syrian armed opposition is not divided, but has in fact spent much of the past year focused on developing a clear and unified political vision. These are all groups composed of and led by Syrians and which explicitly limit their objectives to within Syria's national boundaries—not ISIS and roughly a dozen al-Qaida-linked factions.


Simply put, this amounts to a core of roughly 100 factions. Amid the threat of being excluded from determining their country's future, dozens of the most powerful of these armed groups are now negotiating the establishment of a single "political office." "