2016-01-16: #IranDeal #ImplementationDay


We extended a hand of friendship & despite the challenges, conspiracies & doubts managed to open a new chapter in our relations w/ the world



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Video: #IAEA Director General confirms #Iran took all steps to start the implementation of the #JCPOA https://youtu.be/KSKHlaojFhE 



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#IAEA Director General confirms #Iran took all steps to start the implementation of #JCPOA https://goo.gl/Zf416M 

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"We’ve achieved this historic progress through diplomacy, without resorting to another war in the Middle East." —@POTUS #IranDeal



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#IranDeal at #ImplementationDay: a good day for security & diplomacy. Thanks to all those that made it possible

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2015-10-19: Adoption Day of the #IranDeal

Adoption Day of the #IranDeal - Find out more here europa.eu/!Qb74GH


Adoption of Iran deal



"Can Iraq bring Iran and the GCC closer?"

How will the #nucleardeal change #Iran's relationship with the #GCC? @AL_Khatteeb - http://bit.ly/1IDuIWM 

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2015-07-28: EU High Representative visit to Iran following the Iran Deal


EU External Action retweeted2015-07-28:

As she lands in Tehran, @FedericaMog writes in @Guardiancif about other opportunities for peace in the Middle East http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jul/28/iran-agreement-isis-vienna-eu …


Excerpt:  "Last week Europe’s foreign ministers tasked me with exploring “ways in which the EU could actively promote a more cooperative regional framework” in the wake of the Vienna deal."



Good talks today with @HassanRouhani and @JZarif: implementing #IranDeal will open new chapter http://europa.eu/!Gw78yK  pic.twitter.com/IJTGjwgSMs

11:46 PM - 28 Jul 2015 · Details

Meeting w/ @FedericaMog now:#IranDeal gave the world new hope re diplomacy's role in resolving international problems pic.twitter.com/GXZgn6QDMM

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Have a look at our Flickr account for more photos of @FedericaMog in Tehran. #IranDeal #Iran https://www.flickr.com/photos/eeas/  pic.twitter.com/SWZ0sCbJaB

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12:15 PM - 29 Jul 2015 · Details

Read what @FedericaMog said after talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif in Tehran. #IranDeal http://europa.eu/!mb87Yh 



1. First of all for Iran and for the Iranian people: I know that around 60% of your population is under 30, I think this is an investment that your leadership is doing in the future of your country in the younger generations.


2. Second, it is indeed the investment in new chapter in the relations between Iran and the international community, building trust,


3. Third, as you very well said: it is going to open - as it is implemented - a new chapter in the relations between Iran and the European Union.


Europe and Iran, we both know what it means to be the cradle of civilisations,


when sanctions will be lifted, hand in hand with the implementation of the agreement, you can expect major attention from the EU investments, business area, and this is also going to be important


4. And the fourth chapter

If we will manage to support a different understanding of the dynamics in the region, one that is based on cooperation rather than confrontation


And I believe that there will be an added value in a process that could hopefully find solutions to many crises around us, starting from the one in Syria and the fight against terrorism, but also others.



Iran's Nuclear Program Agreement



Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

Vienna, 14 July 2015  

The E3/EU+3 (China, France, Germany, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States, with the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy) and the Islamic Republic of Iran welcome this historic Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which will ensure that Iran’s nuclear programme will be exclusively peaceful, and mark a fundamental shift in their approach to this issue. They anticipate that full implementation of this JCPOA will positively contribute to regional and international peace and security


Behind the Scenes: P5+1 ministers, @FedericaMog and @JZarif at the conclusion of #IranTalks in Vienna. #IranDeal



Foreign Ministers at Conclusion of Iran Talks in Vienna

P5+1, European Union, and Iranian foreign ministers pose for a family photo at the conclusion of negotiations in Vienna, Austria, July 14, 2015. - Department of State




Readout "#IranDeal - an historic day" now available on #EEAS website: http://eeas.europa.eu/top_stories/2015/150714_iran_nuclear_deal_en.htm … #EUdiplomacy #IranTalks

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"We are stronger not when we are alone, but when we bring the world together." —@POTUS on today's historic #IranDeal

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Agreement is a step away from specter of conflict, towards possibility of peace. This is the good deal we have sought

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EU's brokering role an essential component of today's result. This is the engaging Europe we need Well done @FedericaMog @EU_EEAS!


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The #IranDeal is based on hard science. Our nuclear experts & #NationalLabs helped shape the negotiations w/ rigorous technical analysis.




UPDATE/2: UN welcomes 'historic' #IranDeal in #Vienna as step to 'more peaceful, stable' world http://ow.ly/PBfsN 

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#Iran's Leader praised& appreciated honest and hard endeavors and efforts made by nuclear negotiating team. #IranDeal

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Iran Nuclear Programme Agreement


Iranians Celebrate Agreement Online and in the Streets




From a TV show on France 24 on 2015-04-03:

The host just before ending the show asks a hypothetical question (in French, approximation below):
Do you think it is fair to say that maybe this agreement means that Iran never had the intention of building a bomb?
What a question? How can I answer… Let us say that even if Iran had the intention to build a bomb, it understood that it has other things to live.
(could be rephrased as “it has other things to do”).


MiddleEast Institute @MiddleEastInst   27 Mar 2015

Alireza Nader: Rouhani wants Iran to be a normal nation state; Khamenei envisions it as a cause--doesn't mean it can't be pragmatic too


The Middle East Institute (Washington D.C.)  http://www.mei.edu/

http://www.mei.edu/mission : Founded in 1946, the Middle East Institute is the oldest Washington-based institution dedicated solely to the study of the Middle East. Its founders, scholar George Camp Keiser and former US Secretary of State Christian Herter, laid out a simple mandate: “to increase knowledge of the Middle East among the citizens of the United States and to promote a better understanding between the people of these two areas.”

MEI has earned a reputation as an unbiased source of information and analysis on this critical region of the world, a reputation it has meticulously safeguarded since its creation. Today, MEI remains a respected, non-partisan voice in the field of Middle East studies.

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Mae Anna@MaeAnnaC · Mar 27
#HappeningNow: Assessing Iran's Strategy Toward the Arab World | Middle East Institute @MiddleEastInst
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Kate Seelye@KateSeelye · Mar 27
.@randaslim@MiddleEastInst panel 'Assessing Iran's Strategy in Arab World' re drivers of #Iran's policy in #Syria
MiddleEast Institute@MiddleEastInst · Mar 27
Randa Slim: The time for a negotiated settlement in Syria will come, and Iran will have a seat at the table to ensure plan is sustainable




Media References to Iran


By Kayhan Barzegar
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NYT Photo@nytimesphoto · Mar 29
Our Man in Tehran: A personal video by @ThomasErdbrink, the Iran bureau chief for @nytimeshttp://nyti.ms/1IaZiUH



(The journalist with his wife in the beginning of his video reporting on Iran)
New York Times World @nytimesworld

Your questions have been answered by our Tehran bureau chief @ThomasErdbrink. Read them here: nyti.ms/1EYZrui

New York Times World @nytimesworld
 "Is there a start-up or tech community in Tehran? What are entrepreneurs like?" @samaparicionyti.ms/1xDgTVj

Foreign Affairs @ForeignAffairs 14 Feb 2015
 Celebrating Valentine's Day in Iran: ow.ly/J4c40



The article cites government support to youth marriage in collaboration with religious youth portals