.@FT: Investors look to #India as next #solar power 

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May 2015: India-China talks on Climate Change


China & India unite on climate & promise INDCs "as early as possible" in rare joint statement: 

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Analysis by New Climate Economy

"India: Pathways to Sustaining Rapid Development in a New Climate Economy".





"In 2014 Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi’s government was elected with a strong mandate to jumpstart rapid development that is both inclusive and sustainable.


Financial inclusion of the poor has significantly increased, with over 100 million new bank accounts opened in just a few months under the Jan Dhan Yojana initiative.


India experienced the most sustained period of rapid growth in its economic history during the 2000s – an average of close to 9% a year between 2003/04 and 2010/11 – even taking into account a brief but sharp slowdown in 2008/09, during the global economic crisis.


Some 49% of households in India rely on firewood for cooking, especially in rural areas."



January 2015: US-India negotiations on a five-year MOU on Energy Security, Clean Energy and Climate Change




Comments from the Press on April 2015 on India Climate Action




Tweets on India Climate Action


India’s #solar and #wind capacity has skyrocketed in the past few years #nceindia

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Madhya Pradesh, India is about to be home to the cheapest #solar power in the world

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UNDP India 2015-07-20

#Solarpower brings more hrs of income generatn, edu & family time in rural India: #action2015

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UN Environment 2015-07-23

Indian Railways Opts For Solar Energy Powered Coaches: via @BreakingEnergy #india #renewables 


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Sunny outlook for India's energy future #NEO2015 via @solar_chase

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