2016-11-22: «Digital Data» Event for the Public at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs​ in the presence of the Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault​


1. Presentation of the international strategy of France for digital data: process of elaboration and important challenges of the document

2. Announcement of public consulation on the strategy (via participative platform of  Cap Collectif) 

3.  Announcement of « hackathon » and « bar camp »


4. Two round tables :
a. Which European Digital Model ?
With the participation of the French Digital Council (CNNum) and the National Commission of Informatics and Liberties (CNIL)


b. International security of cyberspace
With the participation of the General Officer of Cyberdefense of the French Army, the National Agency of Security of Information Systems (ANSSI) and the Castex Chair of Cyber Strategy (France-Berkeley award)


Localization of data. If data are on a server in France they are protected by EU law. CNNum warns of important issues with TTIP and the US requested « free flow », as level of protection is not equivalent and there are distinctions between US persons and non US persons.


The TES file « Secured Electronic Titles » referring to Identity Cards and Passports contains 29 million files of biometric data of French citizens. Extensive parliamentary discussions: those that have concerns linked to WWII and those that are afraid of being hacked.


How the Snowden case impacted the French Department of Commerce. Upon expiration of a FR-US agreement, it will not be renewed as is.


How are personal data treated by European Intelligence Services ? Similarly to NSA ?


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