Politique comparative - Comparateurs de programmes politiques


Comparative politics - Political program comparators

From the creators of the political program comparison platform: "We are in 2012, a few months before the french presidential elections, Edouard, Charlotte, Pierre, Julia, Benjamin and Thibault are discussing about the candidates they will vote for. As they were exposing the reasons that motivated their choice, the tune got higher: no one could agree on what the actual candidates' proposals were. As connected youth, Charlotte and Edouard searched for the programs in order to prove to the others that the program of their candidates was more complete, but they couldn't find any proper summary of the raw propositions...this is where the idea of VOXE was born." 
Facebook page containing link to the article of the French magazine "Socialter" (No6) "Politics compared: A platform  to vote illuminated" (in French)