EU’s Community-led local development (CLLD) Programs


Community-led local development (CLLD) is a tool for involving citizens at local level in developing responses to the social, environmental and economic challenges we face today. CLLD is an approach that requires time and effort, but for relatively small financial investments, it can have a marked impact on people’s lives and generate new ideas and the shared commitment for putting these into practice. 


The Commission expects CLLD to facilitate implementing integrated approaches among the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI Funds) concerned to achieve at local level the 11 thematic objectives set out in the CPR. The Commission encourages the use of CLLD as it also allows local communities to take ownership of the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy. In line with the Common Strategic Framework1 : “Member States shall promote the development of local and sub-regional approaches, in particular via community-led local development […]”.


Guidance on European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020


2.2 CLLD can be used by the four ESI Funds to tackle a very wide range of challenges in different types of areas:

2.2.1 Building on two decades of CLLD in rural areas

2.2.2 CLLD in fisheries and coastal areas

2.2.3 CLLD in cities and urban areas

2.2.4 CLLD to tackle unemployment and social inclusion issues



UK' dedicated site on EU's CLLD


The UK’s voluntary and community sector national representative body, the “National Council for Voluntary Organisations”, NCVO, has created a network, the (NCVO’s) European Funding Network to inform voluntary organisations about the European Social Fund (ESF) and other EU funds.


Here is the link for Community-led Local Development Guidance: