Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)


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"2014-2020 programme for investing in EU infrastructure priorities in Transport, Energy and Telecommunications."


This fund is a framework programme, organised in three different sub-programmes





"Grants for project of common interest within the framework of the trans-European networks policy in the sectors of energy, transport and telecommunications to develop, build and upgrade infrastructure."


"The Connecting Europe Facility is the follow-up of TEN-E (Trans-European Network of Energy), TEN-T (Trans-European Network of Transport) and INFSO orientations."



EU Energy

European Commission @EU_Commission


Internal energy market: €550 million released for cross-border European networks!xc43xr @MAC_europa @AK_Itkonen #EnergyUnion


European Commission - Press release

Brussels, 30 June 2015

Internal energy market: Commission releases €550 million for cross-border European networks



"Today the Commission launches a call for proposals under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) to help finance key trans-European energy infrastructure projects. Up to €550 million will be made available for projects which will contribute to develop a resilient Energy Union. Once in place, these projects will contribute to end energy isolation and to eliminate energy bottlenecks that prevent the completion of the European internal energy market. This investment money will act as a catalyst for securing additional financing from private and public investors. With a total amount of €650 million for grants foreseen in 2015, this is the second of the two calls scheduled for this year. The deadline to submit applications is 30 September 2015. A decision on the selection of proposals to be funded is expected at the end of this year."

The total EU financing under the CEF is €5.35 billion from 2014-2020 with the first tranche of money - €647 million – being allocated in 2014 to including preparatory work on a UK to Norway electricity interconnector, and work on an Estonia to Latvia interconnector.

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EU Digital Market – EU Telecommunications


EU ends roaming charges 2017-06-15 and establishes the first EU rules on net neutrality



Today the European Parliament, Council and Commission reached two milestone agreements on an end to roaming charges (2017-06-15) and on the first EU-wide rules on net neutrality”.


 Net neutrality: equal treatment of internet content trafficking.



What does the end of roaming charges mean?

It means that from 15 June 2017 you can use your mobile device when travelling in the EU paying the same prices as at home (domestic prices).


Net Neutrality

Why do we need rules for net neutrality?

Net neutrality is crucial for users and businesses. It ensures that Europeans have access to the online content and services they wish without any discrimination or interference (like blocking or slowing down) by Internet access providers. This is also very important for start-up businesses that commercialise their products and services via the Internet and need to be able to compete on an equal footing with larger players.


What has been agreed?

The rules enshrine the principle of net neutrality into EU law: no blocking or throttling of online content, applications and services. It means that there will be truly common EU-wide Internet rules, contributing to a single market and reversing current fragmentation.

  • Every European must be able to have access to the open Internet and all content and service providers must be able to provide their services via a high-quality open Internet.

All traffic will be treated equally. This means, for example, that there can be no paid prioritisation of traffic in the Internet access service. At the same time, equal treatment allows reasonable day-to-day traffic management according to justified technical requirements, and which must be independent of the origin or destination of the traffic.



EU Transport 

"The largest investment plan ever made by the EU in the transport area"


European Commission @EU_Commission


€13.1 billion investment in transport put forward to boost growth & jobs creation:!mp94dq @Bulc_EU #EUTransport

European Commission - Press release

Brussels, 29 June 2015

Commission puts forward record €13.1 billion investment in transport infrastructure to boost jobs and growth


"Today the Commission is further delivering on its top priority of creating jobs and boosting growth in Europe, by unveiling a record €13.1 billion investment plan in 276 transport projects, selected under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). This investment will unlock additional public and private co-financing for a combined amount of €28.8 billion. Along with the future European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), the CEF will play a major role in bridging the investment gap in Europe, which is one of the Commission's top priorities. Beyond transport, it will benefit the European economy as a whole by creating more favourable conditions for growth and jobs.


EU Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc said, "Today, I am very pleased to propose the largest investment plan ever made by the EU in the transport area. The projects we selected will serve citizens and businesses alike, by upgrading infrastructure and removing existing bottlenecks. They will also promote sustainable and innovative mobility solutions. This unprecedented investment represents a major contribution to the Commission’s agenda of growth and job creations. Implementing the trans-European transport network could create up to 10 million jobs and increase Europe’s GDP by 1.8% by 2030”.