EU Energy Interconnection


"First gas interconnector Poland – Lithuania ends energy isolation of the Baltic States"



European Commission ‏@EU_Commission 

1st gas interconnector Poland–Lithuania ends energy isolation of Baltic States:!Xn74cr  #EnergyUnion

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Excerpt from press release:
At the occasion of the signature of the joint declaration, President Juncker said: "Today's signature is about European solidarity. It is about leaders taking responsible decisions to increase our security and strengthen our resilience. Today we have done much more than bringing the energy isolation of the Baltic States to an end. We have brought the region further together. Today we have agreed on European infrastructure that will unite us, instead of dividing us."
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Building the #EnergyUnion: @JunckerEU: "Today's signature is about European solidarity" 


Hands up for sustainable #energy and #climate! A global commitment built at a local level #CoMCeremony #EnergyUnion




A historic moment in Europe's energy integration. This is what the #EnergyUnion is all about 

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France-Italy cable

New EU-funded power line will boost electricity exchange between France and Italy #EnergyUnion

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Sweden-Lithuania cable - NordBalt

NordBalt cable finished: Connection of the power grids of Nordic countries and Baltic states

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Despite outside pressure, EU-funded #NordBalt cable laying works in Baltic Sea now finished 





EuroAsia cable

EU-funded EuroAsia cable taking shape. Will end #energy isolation of Crete, Cyprus and Israel



HVDC (High-Voltage Direct Current) Cables


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Long distance HVDC lines carrying hydroelectricity from Canada's Nelson river to this converter station where it is converted to AC for use in southern Manitoba's grid




UK-Norway cable

Miguel Arias Cañete @MAC_europa


The #EnergyUnion is action: EU-funded cable btw #UK and #Norway to power 750k British homes


Italy-Malta cable

Miguel Arias Cañete ‏@MAC_europa


EU-funded Malta-Italy electricity cable to be switched on by June. Malta's interconnectivity will go from 0% to 35%