"The European Union is an unparalleled historical experiment in governance"


Excerpt from an article by Kathleen R. McNamara published in Foreign Affairs on 19th July 2015.


"The European Union is an unparalleled historical experiment in governance. There is no other example in modern times of such an intensive effort to establish a peaceful, prosperous political community beyond the nation-state. Forged out of the ashes of two devastating world wars and a great depression, the union of nation-states has been increasingly bound together through markets, laws, and institutions."


“to act in the world as a single unit”


“to address the continent’s key challenges: economic stagnation and unemployment, the influx of political refugees, climate change, and political instability outside its borders.”


"The states besides Greece that suffered debt crises after the financial meltdown—Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain—have been able to move forward within the broader EU framework, albeit at the cost of domestic suffering."


"The dream of a post-national, cosmopolitan political community (…)"


Politics moving swiftly on daily agenda


[Chief European Commission Spokeperson]

Margaritis Schinas ‏@MargSchinas  Jul 22

#teamJunckerEU today: adopts #investEU implementing measures with @EIBtheEUbank, amends EFSM Reg, debates #TTIP, #Greece, #migrationEU.


European CommissionVerified account‏@EU_Commission Jul 22

All on #TeamJunckerEU meeting today in one place http://europa.eu/!gh86uT  #investEU #EFSI #Greece #EFSM #migrationEU pic.twitter.com/5eJlb4CayZ

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On European Solidarity

 Valdis Dombrovskis retweeted


"Third, we have an agreement on the bridge financing for Greece, based on the EFSM loan. This agreement, backed by 28 European Union Member States, prevents Greece from an immediate default. It means that EUR 7.16 billion will reach Greece on time, by Monday.


What we're witnessing is European solidarity in action.


Politicians across 27 countries have invested their own political capital to speed through national decisions to shoulder Greece at this difficult time for the country.


Those who say that 'Europe lacks solidarity' are mistaken."




European Commission Policies




Agriculture, fisheries and foods

Business (Industry sectors, enterprise policies, SME's, Single Market)

Climate action

Cross-cutting policies (Financial and economic crisis, Europe 2020 – a new economic strategy, etc)

Culture, education and youth

Economy, finance and tax

Employment and social rights

Energy and natural resources

Environment, consumers and health

External relations and foreign affairs

Justice, home affairs and citizens' rights

Regions and local development

Science and technology

EU explained

Transport and travel





European Commission Priority Policies





                Investment plan for Europe  #InvestEU Plan 

                Quantitative Easing (Expanded Asset Purchasing Programme)

                EU-US Trade (TTIP)

Energy Union 

Digital Market