International Telecommunication Union (ITU) 150th Anniversary on 2015-05-17 

The United Nations agency that, among other, establishes telecommunication standards like 3G or 4G, and allocates frequencies to mobile companies, internet providers, radio/TV stations and satellite systems.



"Telecommunications And Information And Communication Technologies (ICTs):  Drivers Of Innovation"


Join us in wishing our @ITU colleagues happy #ITU150 Anniversary! Details:
The history of ITU has been interwoven with landmark inventions and innovations in communications over the past 150 years. In the 1850s, soon after Samuel Morse started a service in the United States, telegraph lines crossed national borders and new international agreements had to be forged.
On 17 May 1865, twenty nations gathered in Paris to sign an international framework, and formed the International Telegraph Union. See photos.
The theme for the 150th anniversary “Telecommunications and ICTs: drivers of innovation” is in line with ITU’s role as the United Nations specialized agency for ICTs.
Information and communication technologies are recognized as powerful cross-cutting enablers to achieve an environmentally sound and sustainable future in the post-2015 era.
ICTs can be used effectively as delivery vehicles for health, education, governance, trade and commerce as well as meet global challenges, such as combating climate change.
From 1865 to 2015 @ITU's founding members! 20 nations have expanded to 193 Member States to span the globe #ITU150
.@BillGates accepts an #ITU50 award - hear his inspirational speech...…
.@BillGates on how @ITU work will improve lives of world's poorest over next 15 years+beyond…#DigitalFinance#ITU150

Bill Gates talks about the value of Digital Banking to eliminate poverty.


He mentions that financial service providers will profit as the marginal cost for processing digital transactions is near zero.


The role that ITU has to play:


1. Encourage standardization

2. Ensure reliability and security
3. Coordinate telecommunication providers and financial service providers
4. Advocate intuitive technologies for the illiterate or those that are not familiar with digital technology


He says that ITU has supported significantly global economy and now has the role to connect the poor people to the economic system.


A ITU150 Historical Video follows Bill Gates' speech.



Department of State @StateDept

The U.S. congratulates the ITU on 150 years as an influential body for the coordination of global telecommunications.


(The World Wide Web was invented by a CERN scientist)

Happy 150th birthday @ITU International Telecommunication Union!… (via @isgtw)