Physical Therapy


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Chiropractic is a profession that focuses on how the body’s structure—mainly the spine—affects its functions



Below are the "Physical Therapy Modalities" as described in the electronic dictionary (controlled vocabulary theraurus) of the US National Library of Medicine which is termed Medical Subject Headings (abbreviated as MeSH). 


Manipulation, Chiropractic is considered a Muscoskeletal Manipulation that belongs in Complementary Therapies as shown in the second hierarchy below.


1st Hierarchy - Physical Therapy Modalities


  Physical Therapy Modalities [E02.779]        
  Animal Assisted Therapy [E02.779.124]  +      
  Drainage, Postural [E02.779.358]      
  Electric Stimulation Therapy [E02.779.468]  +      
  Exercise Movement Techniques [E02.779.474]  +      
  Exercise Therapy [E02.779.483]  +      
  Hydrotherapy [E02.779.492]  +      
    Musculoskeletal Manipulations [E02.779.867]      
        Kinesiology, Applied [E02.779.867.344]    
    Manipulation, Orthopedic [E02.779.867.433]    
    Manipulation, Osteopathic [E02.779.867.444]    
    Manipulation, Spinal [E02.779.867.466]    
    Motion Therapy, Continuous Passive [E02.779.867.761]    
    Therapy, Soft Tissue [E02.779.867.880]  +    
  Myofunctional Therapy [E02.779.933]



2nd Hierarchy - Complementary Therapies


 Complementary Therapies [E02.190]        
   Musculoskeletal Manipulations [E02.190.599]      
        Kinesiology, Applied [E02.190.599.186]    
    Manipulation, Chiropractic [E02.190.599.233]    
    Manipulation, Osteopathic [E02.190.599.280]    
    Therapy, Soft Tissue [E02.190.599.750]  +




3rd Hierarchy - Therapeutics


Therapeutics [E02]      
  Hyperthermia, Induced        
           Ammotherapy [E02.565.020]  
    Diathermy [E02.565.280]  
           Short-Wave Therapy [E02.565.280.853]
      Ultrasonic Therapy [E02.565.280.945]  +
    Steam Bath [E02.565.640]  
  Laser Therapy      
    Low-Level Light Therapy  


Diathermy: Therapeutic for muscle and joints (shoulder, neck, elbow, hip, knee) 

Sprains - Inflammation - Low back pain


Laser therapy:



Diathermy via the US FDA